4 old wives' tale for Women's healthy heart

4 old wives tale for Women’s healthy heart

4 old wives' tale for Women's healthy heart

Heart attack or cardiac arrest is common among the older or aged people, but recent research suggests that this is more common among ladies.

The real reason for the chances has not been identified, but with the sample collected and tested, it has been made clear that heart attack is more in females, when compared to that of the men.

There are two major types of heart attacks, one of them is the cardiac arrest that you often find and the second one is a silent attack.

In the first case, you will find some of the symptoms; that can be seen and identified with your naked eyes, while in the other cases, it is very tough to understand the stroke.

women andheart disease

Symptoms Of General Cardiac Arrest For Women

For a general heart attack in the case of ladies, following are the common features or symptoms.

  • You will be feeling an unknown discomfort, which you have not noted earlier and the pain is gradually becoming intolerable. The intensity of the pain is the indication that you are going to face a heavy heart attack. If you identify such a situation, you must immediately contact your family members. Let them call the doctor.

Symptoms Of Cardiac Arrest

  • In the case of women, along with the chest pains, you will find the general body pains too. The general body pains, especially the arms and the armpits is an indication that you might face a heart attack. The pain is mostly felt in the upper part of the body, in the back or the jaws. You can feel an uncanny situation, where your neck is suddenly becoming heavy.
  • Controlling your breath sometimes becomes more confusing. Irregular breathing and heavy and deep breathing is uncommon among women. At the time of a ‘stroke, women start realizing that they are breathing deeply and irregularly. If you face such a situation, it is better to go to a doctor, during that time.

Symptoms Of Cardiac Arrest 1

  • Sudden cold or nausea, followed by a deep sweat can be a major indication of a heart attack. So, notice them and feel free to contact a doctor for the same issue.

Since the chances to face cardiac arrest is much more in the case of the women, it is better to note down the symptoms since at times they can be handy for you.

Silent Heart Attack Can Be Dangerous

A silent heart attack is that cardiac arrest, which you cannot identify as a stroke. When you go to a doctor after that, you will find that the doctor is asking you about a stroke.

This is more common in the females if compared with the males. So the general symptoms of the cardiac arrest must be noted, and it is also needed that you know how to handle the situation.

Top Reasons

The reason for such silent heart attack is often confusing. According to the cardiac specialists, here are the top reasons, why women face-silent attacks:

How Can Cholesterol Cause A Heart Attack?

High cholesterol and high blood pressure in case of women are a major reason for which female finds cardiac arrest. When you have too much cholesterol in your blood, the cholesterol gets accumulated in the walls of the arteries.

This causes a health problem called atherosclerosis. In this heart disease, the arteries get narrowed and the blood flow to the heart gets reduced. Blood carries oxygen to the heart through the arteries.

If proper blood flow in the heart is affected, then a heart attack can take place due to the absence of oxygen in heart.

cholesterol - cause of heart attack

How Smoking Causes Heart Attacks?

Too much smoking or being alcoholic for women is dangerous. This is again identified to be one of the top reasons for the silent cardiac arrest in the case of the ladies.

If you smoke too much, then the lining of the arteries are damaged. As a result, the arteries are narrowed by the development of a fatty substance or atheroma. This affects the proper blood and oxygen flow to the heart, leading to heart attack.

smoking causes heart attackHow Can Obesity Cause Heart Attacks?

Obesity and old age are the general reasons, which are also applicable to the males too. If you are obese, then plaques can narrow and block the arteries. As a result, your heart does not get proper blood and oxygen flow resulting in Angina or Heart Attack.

obesity - cause of heart attack

What To Do: Some Home Remedies For Preventing Heart Attack


Home remedy for heart attack - Garlic

Garlic reduces the chances of heart ailments and high blood pressure by hardening the arteries. Also, garlic improves the blood circulation level, prevents the blood clot or thrombosis and prevents platelets from aggregating.

Try to eat 1-2 garlic cloves daily. If you dislike the too strong taste, then you can have a glass of milk after eating garlic.


Home remedy for heart attack - Turmeric

Studies have revealed that turmeric is good for preventing atherosclerosis. Turmeric contains a substance named curcumin that prevents blood clot, plaque formation, and cholesterol oxidation. Use turmeric regularly in your cooking to get the benefit from it.

Chinese Hibiscus

Home remedy for heart attack - Chinese Hibiscus

Researchers from Taiwan found that the extract of Chinese Hibiscus has anti-atherosclerosis properties. Low-density lipid is prevented from getting oxidized that ultimately results in atherosclerosis. Boil hibiscus petals in one cup of water, strain it, add a spoonful of raw honey and have it twice daily for few weeks.


Home remedy for heart attack - Fenugreek

Fenugreek has antioxidant properties that prevent cardiovascular ailments and heart attacks. Soak some fenugreek seeds in a cup of water overnight. Eat the soaked seeds next day morning in empty stomach.

Before you face an attack, it is better to leave alcohol and smoking when you find that you are becoming older. Apart from that, you will have to keep the number of a doctor ready with you.

Dial the number, whenever you are feeling that you are going out of your control.

With the knowledge that women are prone to a heart attack, it is also the need to get in touch with a doctor and take the ideas and guidelines, through which you can protect yourself. That is the only way out.

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