Cabbage Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Cabbage, which is a green leafy vegetable, is often considered similar to the category of lettuce. It is not just because of their similar appearance but also they both belong to the family of cruciferous family. Cabbage is full of vital nutrients and can help you to improve your regular diet. Here are some of the factors for which we should keep this cruciferous vegetable at the top of our list of groceries. Cabbages are available in different colors and texture. Green leaves, as well as red and purple cabbages, are available which can add nutrients to your food besides making the meal look colorful and attractive. This is the best way which makes us eat more of this vegetable which is very low in calorie and prevents obesity.

There are a number of health benefits that can be obtained if we consume cabbage. Various challenging health conditions can be prevented if we consume cabbage. Such vegetable which is very leafy can decrease the possibilities of diabetes, heart diseases as well as obesity. Instead, cabbage will always promote good health, glowing complexion and can increase the stamina and energy level.

  1. Prevents cancer:


It is seen that consuming a greater amount of fruits, and green vegetables are always helpful in maintaining a good health lifelong. Various difficult health conditions can be prevented and even cured if we take cabbages frequently. A particular type of compound found in cabbage helps in fighting cancer. Hence the more you will consume cabbage, more you will prevent cancer. Such cruciferous vegetables are much advantageous in lowering the possibilities of cancer germs that can damage the healthy cells of your body. In some of the recent studies, it has been found that the bitter taste the cabbage gives is actually due to the compounds which have sulfur and is the main chemical behind preventing cancer. Hence, the vegetable is strong enough for providing power to fight cancer. Tests have shown that it is the best element for controlling the cancer cells to grow and even has the ability to impede cancer. Now a good portion of cabbage in your routine diet can easily make you free from this life threatening disease.

  1. Works as a potent antioxidant:

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Cabbage benefits include flushing out the harmful toxins from your body. The compounds of cabbage work as the best antioxidant and thereby help in purifying and boosting your inner health. Apigenin is again a type of natural chemical found in cabbage which is best in treating tumors. It helps in decreasing the size of tumors mainly those related to breast cancer. This Apigenin is indeed one of the finest non-toxic compounds which in its natural form can prevent cancer from spreading. The other colorful cabbages like the red and purple cabbage contain the similar compound which can resist cancer cells growth within the body. It is helpful in killing the already existing cancer cells and on the other hand prevents the formation of other sorts of tumor growths.

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  1. Maintains the health of your heart:

Apart from preventing cancer, cabbage health benefits also consist of maintaining a good condition of your heart. The same compounds that help in preventing cancer are also useful in maintaining a sound heart. The heart inflammation can be suppressed by consuming cabbage. Cabbage juice is important to prevent various cardiovascular diseases. Making the heart grow strong and for better circulation of blood to the heart, cabbage juice benefits are remarkable. Studies have shown that intake of such foods which are rich in flavonoid can seriously decrease the risk of death which can be caused by some challenging cardiovascular diseases. Even intake of this compound in small amounts daily can be beneficial for the heart. The content of polyphenol in cabbage can also help in reducing the tendency of getting sick with various cardiovascular diseases. This prevents the platelet to grow more and even keeps the blood pressure under absolute control. Therefore, cabbage is best for those who are suffering from heart ailments. Cabbages reduce the chance of stroke as it controls the blood pressure level within the human body.

  1. Promotes immunity and digestion:

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Cabbage is extremely helpful in boosting the immunity. The high fiber in cabbage leads to better digestion. Healthy microbes which are there in cabbages can really make the vegetable fit to consume regularly. Fermented cabbages are also full of nutrition as they are packed with probiotics which develops the digestive system. The acidic condition created by fermented cabbages helps in preserving the enzymes that can make the absorption of minerals and other vitamins easier.

  1. Treats constipation:

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Cabbage health benefits also include treating constipation. Cabbage is indeed the best food for treating constipation. The high amount of water content within this vegetable as well as the abundant amount of fiber can really treat constipation. Apart from making the digestive tract healthy, it also promotes easy movement of bowels on a regular basis. Cabbage in a way helps the body to get rid of all the toxins and maintains regularity of this system. Intake of cabbages can decrease the chance of piles which can occur due to constipation. Inflammation is best treated with this dietary fiber and thereby strengthens the immune system as well. Prevention of inflammation with cabbage in the diet helps in decreasing the chances of various inflammation related situations like the heart diseases, obesity, high level of blood sugar and cancer. Therefore, in most cases doctors recommend various patients to increase the intake of cabbage which can gradually decrease the number of ailments and health risks.

Cabbage juice benefits are incredible. Just keeping this vegetable simple and adding it to various food in a shredded manner or simply in the salads, can make you like the overall meal, that too keeping it absolutely healthy. Chopped cabbage with a spoon of olive oil can make a stew or some soup even more delicious. You can also add cabbages to fried noodles and in between brown bread to make a healthy sandwich.

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