Unlock the Capabilities of Your Mind with Yoga to Improve Concentration

When you count upon aerobics and yoga, you desire to get mental comfort and fight off anxiety. There are several Yoga poses that cater to the mental faculties of the people. This article is all about the yoga poses that can empower you with mental strength and stamina so that you can fight off all sorts of odds in the psychological space.

Prayer pose or Tadasana variant:2011-8-25-mountain-land

This pose is needed before you start off with other yoga poses. The prayer pose is easy, and it is done at the beginning of the yoga classes. You need to stand together and put the feet close to each other. Join the hands straight upward and touch the palms of each hand together. Make sure that the weight of the body is distributed evenly across the feet. Relaxing your shoulders, you have to breathe deeply.

Eagle pose or Garudasana:


This is one of the most important balancing poses that you need to increase the level of concentration of your mind. You have to stand on both the feet and keep the hands on your hips. You will find a focal point in front of you. Next, you have to lift your right leg by moving the legs slightly. Cross over the right leg across the left thigh and hook the right foot somewhere behind the left calf. Then cross over the left arm to the right and bend the elbows. Wrapping the arms together, try to bring the palms together. You need to take deep breaths while keeping the back straight.

Warrior 2 or Virabhadrasana II:


This is one of the Yoga poses that brings strength and courage to the body along with concentration. Stand on both the feet, keeping them around four feet apart. Now, stretch both the arms. The palms should face the floor, and the hands should be kept parallel to the floor. The right foot should be turned in such a way that it faces the top of the mat. Bend the right knee towards the right ankle. Now you have to focus on the middle finger of the right hand and gaze left and right. Breathe deeply.

Crane pose or Bakasana:


This is somewhat difficult to do. You have to squat on the ground at the outset. Now, place the hands on the ground with a distance of one foot between them. Spread your fingers and look at the point on the floor in front of you. Now bringing the knees together, lift eh body on your arms and breathe deeply.

Seated forward bend or Adho Mukho Sukhasana:


This is needed to boost up concentration. Sit on the floor and let the toes point forward. When you inhale, let the spine open up and stretch yourself. While you exhale, bend forward and hold the end of the toes.

Alternate nostril breathing:

green-tea-extract_336x280 (1)

You need to do this for five minutes every day. Sit in a comfortable position, and then close right nostril with right thumb. Breathe in through the left one. Then close left nostril and breathe out through the right one. Continue this for as long as you can. The more you increase the period of breathing, the better it is.



This is an old exercise and helps in boosting eh brain power. Sit with your back straight and close the eyes. Place the hands on the knees. Breathe in and out without increasing the speed. Feel your weight evenly spread on the ground. Observe the expansion and counteraction of the lungs when you breathe.

Tree pose or Vriksasana:


This pose will help you to balance your body and increase the power of concentration. You need to start from a standing position. Now, shift the weight of your body on the left leg. After you balance yourself, hold the right foot and bring it close to the groin. Now bend your hands in a backward position, till they are close to each other and resemble a namaskar. Do this for three times and breath in and out while you do so.

Warrior 3 or Virabhadrasana III:

warrior 3

This is Yoga for concentration pose and it is easy to perform. It also strengthens your legs. Stand up and raise the hands above the head. Rest the weight of your body on the left leg, stretch the right leg backward and balance the torso in a forward direction while you keep on breathing. Holt the breath five times and make sure that your body resembles the alphabet T.



Just lie down facing the sky, keep your arms beside you and close your eyes.

Lord of dance pose or Nataraja:


This is a graceful pose performed by all. The pose involves stretching your body. First of all, stand up straight. Now bend the right leg backward and grab it with your hand. Bend the left arm forward and try to balance yourself. Do this with the other leg as well.

Lotus posture or Padmasana:


Sit cross-legged with the left foresting on the right thigh and vice versa. Place the hands on the legs and the thumb should touch the tip of the middle finger. Maintain this position and breath until you feel absolute peace.

Seated mountain pose or Tadasana:


Sit on the mat cross-legged with an erect spine. Raise your hands above and look at the finger tips. You can close your eyes and keep on breathing for ten minutes.

Hero pose or Virasana:


Kneel down and the legs should be parallel with the floor. Now you need to sit on the mat with the hips between the legs. The knees should be kept together and rest your hands on the thigh. Keep breathing.

Thunderbolt pose or Laghu Vajrasana:

Little Thunderbolt Pose

Sit on the ground, kneel down and close your eyes. Now place the hands on the thighs and keep on inhaling and exhaling. Feel your breath go in and out.

The easy pose:

Sit on the mat, keep the hands on the thighs while you are seated in a cross-legged position and breathe deeply. Do this until you are comfortable.

Child’s pose or Balasana:


This is a pose for the children. Kneel down, close the eyes and bend forward. Your hands should touch the ground in front of you. Stay in this position as long as possible.

Crocodile pose or Makarasana:


Lie down on the mat and fold your hands in front of your face. Now rest the forehead on the hands and keep lying facing the ground.

These poses will definitely come to your benefit. By following all these yoga poses, you can definitely get a calm mind that will be able to focus on anything and everything you want to do with concentration.

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