10 Sex Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them

Sexual intercourse is one of the key things that binds a couple in their married life. Do you feel that you are making some or other mistake in the bed, which is not pleasing your mate? You will definitely find the real mistake that you are following, in this article. Go through it and find the tips of avoiding them.

Following these simple tips, you will gradually find that your soul mate is happier than ever. Avoid making the most common mistakes that you do in bed being male and try to give your partner, exactly what she is looking for.

Sexual pleasure is such a thing that can resolve many obstacles, your married life is facing. It is again such an event, where mistakes can be the cause to bring obstacles in your happily married life. So, learn from your mistakes and avoid them to lead a better married life, full of pleasure.

Here are some of the common faults, men often do, along with the remedies.

Go slow to the main dish bed In most of the cases, men remain in a hurry to go to the main dish, while making an intercourse. Sexual intercourse is like a dream dinner at your beloved restaurant. Start with the delicious starter dishes and slowly go for the main dish. Enjoy the full supper with such passion, that both of you will remember it forever. So start moving slower with gentle kisses at the arms and slowly at the back or breasts. Make your partner feel the compassion and affection you are having for her. Do not make a hurry. Slow and steady progress will give you the feel to enjoy the real nectar. Cross the boundaries in style smiling_couple_in_bed_640 Intercourse is not a football game. There is nothing to hurry. Even there is no time limit set for both of you. It is sure that you are going to cross the boundaries, that are in her imaginations, but go for that with such a gentle and steady pace, that will allow you to enjoy the time with your partner. Your partner does love to make every moment of the intercourse memorable for her. Make her do so, with your patience and steadiness. It is important to communicate with your partner, if you are looking to do something new. In a sexual intercourse, you both are going to unite. So, decide the unity in a united style. Focus on the enigma, not on orgasm Vitality-&-Vigour_336x280Men always feel that orgasm is the ultimate objective of the intercourse. If you are thinking in that way, you are making a total mistake. Women love to be compassionate. They love to go long and never finish it fast. So, there is no reason to make your partner shout with a big O, rather make her feel the perfect O, which will make her even more compassionate for you. Start with a gentle kiss and go on a long drive. Do not end the game with a short drag race. Women won’t like it. Your lady is your soul’s mate man This is something that is often mistaken by the men, especially those who loves to maintain relation with many ladies. Your mate is your soul’s mate. So she is totally different from all. Make her feel that. Respect her apologise, make more compassionate communications and go slow and steady in the intercourse process. Make her feel that you really admire her passions and her eagerness. The complete taste of the enjoyment will not only change but will elongate in such a way, that you will feel the night be your full life. Change poses with united decision man-and-woman-having-sex-on-bed Men always feel to change the gear, just as they do throughout the road while driving. This is a totally different journey, and the style of driving is also different. It takes more time for women to warm up than men. While you take the decision to change the pose, your partner might have just started to warm up. So, while you change the pose, she will again start to warm up, since the heat was totally lost. Feel free to communicate more, so that the entire journey can remain smooth. While gearing up, do not just accelerate like a biker. Relax and understand the mood of your mate. If possible, make her understand to communicate more. Preserve the Climax happy This is one of the most common mistakes man do. You might have left your orgasm, but your partner is still in a mood of ecstasy. Admire your partner’s emotions and passions. Keep a rhythm, that matches both of your passions. That will be the best solution to keep the things simple in the most enigmatic mood. Warm Up before the match couple-laying-in-bed-610x300 You can feel oral sex and general 69 poses to be most unwanted, since they will not explore your or your partner’s orgasms. You are completely wrong there. Orgasms complete all the things. It is always better when you can extend the good time. Sexual intercourse is such an event, where everything is good and best. So extend the time. Feel the energy and extend the hunger. Experience oral sex or through hands. Warm up, before going to the striker’s end. You will definitely feel better. Stick to quality and not quantity Couple lying in bed laughing Men often make a mistake to make the intercourse fast and with speed and continue that for three to four times a night. There is absolutely no need of that. This is not your first date. Go passionately and try to remain satisfied with the quality and not the quantity. Show your love happy-couple2 Intercourse is the time, where you have all the right to express, how much you love your partner. Love is not all about making her shout with a loud O, but to make her feel that you care her every urge. Communicate with her, orally or physically and endorse those communications through your actions. Never Copy the porn Men often feels that Porn movies are the trainers of doing sex. If you feel such, you are absolutely wrong. There is in fact, no need to watch those, just be passionate about your mate. Feel the passion from your heart, not from what your senses.

Once you start feeling the intercourse from your soul, you will find that your soulmate is there in every corner of that soul. Just be calm and gentle. Imagine yourself to be having your most favourite dish. You like to taste its every point from every angle. Do the same in case of intercourse with your partner. See the change that comes to your life, from the next day onwards.

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