Are Protein Supplements The Only Way To Improve Muscle Mass For Bodybuilders ?

Are Protein Supplements the Only Way to Improve Muscle Mass in Bodybuilders ?

People often think that the only way to increase the protein content in the body is through protein supplements. However, Protein Supplement is not the only way by which the muscles in the body can bulge.

For a body builder, it is very important to know the right diet. If you are in Bodybuilding, then you must go for natural foods which happen to be a great agent of protein supply to the body.

Some of the essential foods are listed below. You can check it if you want to know more about the natural food substances that enhance the protein level in the body.

Omega 3 eggs:

Omega 3 eggs

An egg is one of the topmost foods that helps in enhancing muscle growth. It has been found that this food has been a great agent in developing the muscle content. There is half a gram of leucine in each egg which gives firing growth to the muscles. You can surely go for it.

Lean beef and red meat:

Lean beef and red meat

Lean Beef should be your staple food if you are into Bodybuilding. This is a core agent for the development of the muscles. On an average three ounce on lean beef serve 154 calories. This has essential nutrients such as zinc, iron, Vitamin B. you should choose this food as your friendly food agents to built muscles and protein.

Skinless chicken:

Skinless chicken

Just like beef, the skinless chicken is also a great supplier of protein. It helps in muscle maintenance and growth. This gives a good weight maintenance and is very easy to cook. Skinless chicken acts almost as a natural Protein Supplement for bulging the muscles. You can surely choose this food if you want fast and healthy growth.

Cottage cheese:

Cottage cheese

It is known to very few that cottage cheese is a pure supplement of protein. It gives a good maintenance for the muscles and helps in the growth of the muscles too. You can surely choose this food supplement as your natural food supplement. Cottage cheese has an amazing mixture of nutrients that perfectly suit the body.

Whey protein:

Whey protein

If it is natural protein supplier, then it has to be whey protein. This food is amazing for both body builder and non-body builders. You can use it right after workouts for having a great result. However, you must not completely rely on it.



Oatmeal is the ideal source of protein for the body. This natural Protein Supplement has immense quality. It helps in many ways. It has better micronutrient and more energy. This reduces hunger among the people who have increased hunger. This is an amazing food substance that helps in reducing weight.

Whole grains:

Whole grains

If you are into Bodybuilding, then you can hardly overlook the benefit of whole grains. This is a great agent which helps in developing overall health. This food substance helps in growing lean muscles of the body and gives the body a great shape. Whole grains are also useful in growing the strength and muscles.

Tuna or other fish:

Tuna or other fish

These are low in fats, high in proteins and rich in other resources of food. They support different body processes such as metabolism and increases the loss of fat in the body.

Fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables

These are one of the richest sources of antioxidants. These boost up the immune system of the body.They are also rich in Vitamins C and E. Apart from these, fruits and vegetable are rich in fibers, which help you to maintain a well-balanced health.

Healthy fats: 

Healthy Facts

Some people may shy away from this option; bit healthy fats boost up the production of hormones in your body. They help you to gain strength and develop the muscles. These also help to increase the rate of metabolism in your body and help you to lose more fats for the good. You can find these in certain fishes, nuts and seeds.

Greek Yoghurt:

Greek Yoghurt

This contains a lot of proteins. You can consume this before workouts to increase your workout performance and to get a long lasting energy.

Apples and spinach:

Apples and spinach

These help you to stay away from fatigue and increase the process of burning the fats.

Green tea:

Green tea

This assists the Body Building largely. Make sure to include it as a part of your everyday meal.It detoxifies the body and helps in fat metabolism.

Beet and carrot:

Beet and carrot

These helps in joint repair and keeps the liver in a good condition. It increases the muscle power and strength of your body and enhances the rate of recovery.



If you eat this before the workouts, it can serve as a good source of energy and helps in the growth of muscles in your body. it also increases the endurance of your body.

Brown rice:

Brown rice

Brown rice is a slow digesting whole grain. It gives you long lasting energy that infuses power and zeal into your body. It boosts up the muscle power and helps to shed fats. Apart from increasing the levels of energy in your body, it also helps to increase the amount of hormones in your body.



This contains a low amount of fructose. It helps to boost up digestion in your body. You need to eat this during the morning, preferably before going off for the workouts.

Organic milk:

Organic milk

This contains about 70% more fatty acids than the normal milk. It brings energy to the body and boosts up the muscle power and stamina. Make sure that you do not miss out this as a part of your diet.



This can help you out if you have lean muscles, bringing considerable gain in strength. This is a slow digesting food, and the effect lasts for a long time.

Wheat germ:

Wheat Germ

This is rich in iron, zinc and other minerals and contains a lot of carbohydrates. One can consume this before the workouts to gain strength.

All these foods help you to build muscles in a bodybuilder even if you are not willing to go with any Protein Supplement and help you to have a stable and healthy body.

2 thoughts on “Are Protein Supplements The Only Way To Improve Muscle Mass For Bodybuilders ?

  1. Kartik says:

    Soya which is the richest source of protein is missing. fruits may have many minerals and vitamins but no proteins , then why entered here. Besides pulses , legumes are also missing.

    • Mukta Agrawal says:

      Dear Karthik I always prefer mentioning the food stuffs which are not having any kind of side effects and which can suit to most of the individual.Yes I agree soy is a very good source of protein but it helps increase oestrogen hormone and hence it is not suitable for those males who have this hormone already on higher sides.
      When you talk about why I have mention fruits and vegetables here as they are very important for any absorption of protein as they are richest source of fiber without which no person will be able to digest protein and hence I have added it here.About legumes and pulses they are protein of second class which means they are not completely rich in all 9 essential amino acids and need to combine with carbohydrates and hence they are not mentioned here.Hope I have cleared your query if still you have any question please get back to me on my email id-

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