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Top 12 Healthiest Teas To Drink For Weight Loss

Top 12 Healthiest Teas to Drink for Weight Loss

So, we all think having tea will make us skin complexion even more black. But then it has its own benefits. When we all cry over losing weight, only a few of us know there are many beneficial teas which can help us lose weight.

Tea has basically originated from Lipton, and it is very well ground powder.

It is also called wine powder in places like Japan and some parts of Asia. Some tea has the power to revive the process of metabolism whereas some help in quelling hunger.

But some can also shrink the cells of fat and help you to get a perfect waist. So, today we will talk about the best cups of tea.

Is Tea Good For Weight Loss?

1) Green Tea

Well, this is quite popular. We all know green tea helps us in reducing weight. This property is mainly due to the substance catechin in it which is mainly EGCG.

It is a group where there are some anti-oxidative products that help in the blasting of the adipose tissue, and hence, the fat cells release the fat in it mainly the belly region.

This increases the rate by which the liver burns away the fat. If you can exercise a bit along with having 4-5 cups of green tea daily, you are surely going to have a flat belly.

You will lose an extra weight of about 2 pounds by simply consuming this.

green tea

2) Lemon Tea

Having too much of oily and salty food along with alcohol consumption can make your belly bloat out. To get rid of the protruding out belly, you need to thank the d-limonene part of lemon tea.

It has got diuretic properties. It helps in retaining water and hence controls the inflammation of your belly.

lemon Tea

3) White Tea

You can call it the blocker of fat cells. Well, not only does it blocks new fat cells and prevent their formation but now it is also proved that it boosts up the ability of the body to utilize the fat which is already in the body for some energy. The body fat is broken down by this.

Chemicals which are in this white tea also protect the skin and helps as an anti-ageing product. You can rub the white tea lotion before exposing your skin to the sun.

Boosting up of lipolysis which is breaking down of fat and also, adipogenesis is done by this white tea.

 white tea with dry leaves

4) Black Tea

A cup of black tea per day keeps the cardiovascular problems away. And this one is not at all harmful. The more you have them, the more you stay away from health problems.

5) Valerian Tea

Sleep affects our fatness. Wonder how? Well, the more you sleep, the fresher you are. And the more does hormone function properly. The hormone, ghrelin that controls appetite is regulated correctly.

The hormones that burn fat are released nicely, and hence, we lose weight. This herb, valerian if taken 4% regularly will give a good night sleep and help us.


6) Rooibos Tea

You can also call it hunger halter. It helps in controlling the flow of hormones that work on storage of fat. There is a herb known as red bush. The leaves of this plant help in making this tea.

You can find this in abundance in Cape Town. Aspalathin is a very powerful flavonoid. It helps in maintaining the fat of your belly too well.

It can really arrest the flow of hormones which make you feel angry and also stimulate fat burning hormones. It doesn’t allow fat to get stored at all. It keeps you away from hypertension and diabetes 2, too.

Rooibos Tea

7) Mint Tea

When you have a piece of chicken in front of you, then it really increases your hunger. Well, not always does all food increase your appetite. Some can really bring it back in control. So can this tea.

The smell of this tea makes you free of hunger. You can be five pounds less if you make a habit of sniffing peppermint after every two hours.

This tea has less caffeine too, so you can be lucky. So now, you have an easy process to be slim and trim by just smelling.

Add droplets of oil of peppermint to the pillow or anywhere in the room and be slim.

mint tea

8) Oolong Tea

Melt all your fat just like chocolate. Some call it as a black dragon. It is a kind of floral tea and just as a green tea it also has got catechins packed in it.

It keeps on taking your body fat for metabolism and boosts up losing weight. For flat belly have this tea regularly, and you can lose a pound in just a week.

It will melt all your lipid stored in your belly and waist region. More than melting it, it just prevents your body to absorb any lipid.

It has antioxidants called polymerized phenols which decrease the power of the body to absorb fat by 20%.

oolong tea

9) Ashwagandha Tea

Who doesn’t want a nice waistline! Well, Ashwagandha Tea really works well on this. It helps in reducing hormones that increase stress, and you now see the world better. The roots of this herb work wonder. No stress if it is related to weight loss.

The more you take the stress, the tougher it becomes to get a perfect desired body. When there is anxiety or stress, there is a flow of hormones that increase the fat on your belly which is undesirable.

10) Bilberry Tea

There are some hormones that increase inflammation. To keep them in control, you need to have some bilberry tea.

Bilberry Tea

11) Mate Tea

It really helps in keeping your kgs in control by increasing the mechanism of burning of calorie. It also improves the sensitivity of insulin and hence it helps in giving you a better figure.

12) Ginger Tea

Along with being tasty spices it also can be added to tea to prevent inflammation and bloated up fat cells.

ginger tea

Now that we have seen many teas that help in getting the perfect figure go workout and be fit and fine. A shaped figure just adds charm to the personality itself.

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