Home Remedies To Have A Beautiful Hair in This Summer Season

Home Remedies for Hair in This Summer Season

“I fell for her in summer, my lovely summer girl!” –Maggie Stiefvater.

And yes, this is the hot, b’ful season of summer. And as Kristy Fidanza said, ” Your hair is your best accessory! “. So, let your beautiful hair shine this season. Don’t keep it tangled. Let the air blow your long, beautiful hair. But the sun can turn your voluminous, healthy hair lifeless. The bounce in our hair goes away and you notice frizziness. But why? The extra humid condition. It weighs down your hair. So here, we have summer hair care tips.

Washing hair regularly and use shampoo

The pollution and level of dust along with sweat increases in the summer. It accumulates in the scalp which gives rise to hair problems. So we need to wash our hair daily to keep hair healthy and shiny! Use a shampoo, a mild one will do. The sun rays make your hair pretty dry. A mild one, daily, will remove the dirt and also moisturize it. To prevent the sweat from sticking your hair, use a conditioner. It will keep your hair smooth and lustrous.


Have lot of water and fluids to prevent dehydration

The more we have water, the more hydrated will be our body, skin and hair. The hair tends to be dry in this season. More intake of water will replace the water that is lost from our body as well as hair.

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

Moisturization of hair

Now, chemical products, artificial cosmetics, and heat can really leave your brittle this season. Try going for natural remedies to oil massage for hair. It means that you need to do oil massage to your hair. Oil your hair daily with coconut and almond oil. Massage the oil into your scalp and then wash it the next morning by some mild shampoo. At times use lemon on the scalp to keep the hair nourished. It also removes all the dirt and dandruff. Don’t go for colors this season and it is also difficult to find out the best hair oil for the summer season as all. Bioproduct henna keeps the hair soft. Massaging will strengthen the roots of hair as the blood circulation increases, too. And also giving oil massage for hair reduces stress and makes you feel calm.


Protection from sun rays

The scalp is basically a skin. If our skin needs a sunscreen, why not the scalp? It does act as extra protection. But using a hat or scarf while moving out in the sun will help. Or we need to use a conditioner with UV-A and UV-B protection, i.e., above SPF 15. Rinse off hair gently when you’re back to home.


Control frizziness of hair

Usually to avoid frizzy hair, which looks not at all good, people tie it up. Normal or messy braid or ponytails or a high tied up bun. When you want to look formal, a bun works. But what when you want to go for parties or hangouts? No, don’t go for the salon. Apply the spa cream on our hair and massage it. Rinse it off after keeping the hot towel on your hair for about 10-15 mins. Lemon and curd blended together with some almond oil and applied on hair will also make it soft. Don’t go for coloring, etc this season.


Natural products for nourishment

Your hair needs natural care this season. It needs nourishment. Egg white is the source of rich protein. Apply yogurt and mayonnaise and four times of the amount of these taken of egg white and blend it together and apply it your hair. Keep it for about half an hour and wash it off. Olive oil massages makes your hair shiny and protects from damage.


Damage on swimming

Swimming damages hair. The chlorine in the water removes the natural oil in the hair. The water in swimming pool gas got copper and other molecules which will spoil your hair. So avoid a dip in the pool this season.

Now we are on the final part of discussing hair tips this summer.

Hibiscus-Shampoo_336x280 (3)Go for a trim this season!

Split ends make your hair even more dry and weak. A haircut and trimming off the split ends will really help this season. The hairs this season are in the anagen phase, i.e., the growing time. So, we need to keep it healthy and nourished.

Person cutting hair with scissors

Avoid heating your hair

Better avoid the use of dryers or straighteners or curlers this season. If you need curls wash your hair late night and make a bun or a braid and get curls the next day!

Dandruff and hair fall? Here is the solution!

Use some medicated shampoo. To remove dandruff, the main ingredients have to be ketoconazole and a tiny tad of zinc pyrithrone. Methi(fenugreek) will act as the home remedy.Let it soak in water overnight. Use sour curd and lemon along with this and apply it to hair. To avoid hair fall go for cucumber. It will also remove grease from our scalp.

Remedies in the kitchen

Onion juice is one good thing to boost your hair growth. You need to get the juice of the onion and massage it into the scalp and leave it for some time. Rinse off with a mild shampoo afterward. You can also boil the onions after chopping them off in hot water and then let the water cool and massage the water into the scalp and wash it off later. Potato juice is also beneficial for hair growth. Potatoes have a rich source of Vit-A, Vit-B, Vit-C. It will prevent brittleness of your hair. Add honey and egg yolk in it. The apple cider and vinegar maintains the pH of our hair. Rinse your hair with it and you may use lavender oil too for hair growth.


Long and strong hair this summer

Amla had got a lot of Vit C and antioxidants. It promotes hair growth and also improves the pigmentation. 2 tbsp of amla powder added with lime juice will give long hair.The fruit of Acacia is generally known as Shika kai added with reetha can be soaked overnight and boil the mixture later in the morning and be cooled and can be applied to hair. It is a kind of shampoo. Leave it in hair for about five minutes and wash off with water.


So, this is all we have for long, strong, shiny and lustrous hair this season. Use natural things and tie it at times to prevent much of sweating. Apply serum before going out and do regular oil massages and washing. That is all we have as hair care tips this summer. Keep rocking with the beautiful strands!

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    Keeping your body hydrated and covering your hair is the most important thing we should do to protect our hair in summer.

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