10 Home Remedies for Chest Congestion Relief

10 Home Remedies for Chest Congestion Relief

Chest congestion is something that makes it difficult for people to breathe. These are infections that may take place in the respiratory tracts. One can say that these at times can be extremely painful and makes the chest feel heavy. It generally happens when the mucus cells that line up the respiratory tract get attacked by exotic particles that can be the viruses or the bacteria. These causes irritation to the mucus cells and thus lead to uneasy behaviour. This is when the body starts producing an extra amount of mucus so that these alien particles can be thrown away. This way the germs may also spread instead of leaving. With the following article, it will be clear to the people that how can they get rid of this chest congestion using natural remedies.

Home Remedies for Chest Congestion

The following 10 chest congestion home remedies will definitely help one to get away from the discomfort of chest congestion:

Gargling With Salt Water: soothes your chest

10 Home Remedies for Chest Congestion Relief

Gargling with a solution of warm salt water is probably the best option among the home remedies for chest congestion. Obviously, the salt solution provides good relief. The very first thing that the salt do is gets rid of the excess mucus. The higher concentration of the salt water also makes sure that at least some of the germs are killed due to the process of osmosis. Also, the warm water adds a relief to the swollen cells. One should always put in about 1-2 tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle with it for about 2 minutes. If they continue at least four or five times then obviously a lot of relief can be felt.

Ginger with tea: too tasty to drink

ginger for Chest Congestion Relief

Having ginger with tea is also one of the best options to opt for. Ginger has properties that lead to killing bacteria. It also has properties of soothing down the inflammation that may take place. With the help of ginger, the mucus also melts away. Ginger should always be consumed with tea and this way the body will remain warm and so will the respiratory tract which will lead to reducing of the selling. If one takes this ginger tea two times a day, it would be enough for them.

Parsley and Thyme: a good solutionparsley for Chest Congestion Relief

These are generally extremely useful herbs in cookery. These have their own set of medicinal properties too. One can easily cook up a chicken soup with parsley and thyme so that they can get relieved of the chest congestion. These herbs have properties that may go against the bacteria and help in reducing the pain. Parsley has histamines which help in eliminating the pain and also participates in the healing process. One can use parsley in any given dish. The thyme can be boiled with water and honey, and the strained water can also be consumed.

Apple Cider Vinegar: a super substance

apples-and-vinegar for Chest Congestion Relief

The cider vinegar is another of these very important elements that help in reduction of the chest congestion. The cider vinegar has properties that help it to fight the bacteria and get rid of them. One can be very much assured that consuming the cider vinegar raw is the best option for this time. If one doesn’t want to then they surely can opt for mixing it with water before consuming. One should also take care not to consume over this as it may lead to horrible stomach problems.

Using Mustard: a soft and effective remedy

mustard for Chest Congestion Relief

Using mustard is also an option that people can seek. One can use the plaster of mustard on the chest to provide the warmth to it. Mustard generally has warming abilities, and it warms of the chest very easily with high chances of eliminating the thick mucus. One can make a runny like a paste of flour and mustard and apply it to one’s chest while sleeping. One can also use the mustard oil with garlic in it. All they need to do is fry some garlic cloves in the mustard oil and then apply the garlic flavoured oil to the chest and keep it that way.

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Using steam: feel good

One can always use the very traditional way of inhaling the steam to get rid of the mucus. The steam can be taken in and due to the high content of water content in it, it may break down the mucus by diluting them. The warm steam also provides the best kind of a relief to the chest and the respiratory tracts as it can reach extremely deep inside.

Onion: tastes good

onion for Chest Congestion Relief

Just like garlic or ginger onion is also a food product that can cause an excess of warmth in the body. Eliminating the mucus also becomes easier if there is enough of warmth in one’s body. One can make a paste of onion or grind it well. All they need to take care of is that they have taken the water out of the onion. After straining the water, one must mix this with water and lemon and honey and consume this at least thrice a day.

Turmeric and herbal tea

herbal tea for Chest Congestion Relief

One can always take in herbal tea with the addition of turmeric to it. Turmeric has the property of relieving one of a cough and pain. It has an element known as the cur cumin. This element helps in eliminating the mucus successfully; as a result, this is the way that the irritation goes away. The herbal tea is made of different herbs that help in a lot of many ways that one can imagine of. Consuming the mixture twice to thrice a day is an excellent option.

Fennel: an after-food freshener

Fennel is definitely a medicinal herb. It helps in prevention of many big diseases like that of cancer too. It also helps in many other ways like that of preventing from stomach ache and chest congestion is also something that one would get relief of. Fennel is one of the most important things that help in achieving the best medicinal results.

Fennel-Seeds for Chest Congestion Relief

Black Coffee: yummy

Black coffee is another of the important things that help in eliminating the mucus like a pro. One should try consuming this for at least thrice a day.

Fresh cup of coffee for Chest Congestion Relief

All these above-mentioned home remedies for chest pain can help one get rid of the irritable chest congestion.

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