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Top 10 Foods To Gain Muscle Mass

Top 10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

Achieving the body you desire requires patience, resilience and a lot of dedication. It requires a dutiful commitment in the gym, a healthy lifestyle, and a wholesome diet. A toned, ripped body does not come easy.

If you are wondering what are the Foods to gain muscle mass so as to complement your fitness regime, then you need to ensure that what you eat supplements your gyming routine.

Here is a list of food items that help build your muscle and get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

What Are The Foods To Gain Muscle Mass?

Omega-3 Eggs- Egglicious Way to Build Muscle

These eggs help in building muscles and are often recommended by nutritionists and gym instructors. Several people harbour the misconception that excessive consumption of eggs can lead to cholesterol related problems.

But a recent study points to the contrary and says that a healthy dose of these eggs, as specified by the physician, accompanied by regular exercise can go a long way in adding muscle to your physique.

Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

Nuts- Pop Every Often

You may not take this seriously, but nuts are known to have great calorific value. Do not be fooled by their size, because these can pack quite a punch. One ounce of cashew nuts or almonds contains as much as 150-170 high-quality calories.

If you want to know how to increase body mass, then nuts are a great place to start. They are easy to carry and make for great snacks. Since they are not known to be bitter to sour, they are fairly easy to eat as well.

You could carry them to work and pop a few during breaks as well.


Protein Shakes- Yummilicious Drink

Anyone who takes fitness seriously will know the importance of protein shakes in their diet. These are very effective muscle building foods.

Well, made protein shakes can enhance blood flow, energize a tired body and even help synthesize new muscles. Most fitness trainers and bodybuilders themselves recommend such shakes.

There is no fixed recipe for these, and they are usually made of varying levels of protein content, depending on the requirement of an individual.

protein shake

Chickpeas- A Good Time Pass

People tend to believe that only meat contains the kind of heavy protein that can build muscles and help gain weight. Chickpeas are a source of rich protein, without being heavy on the stomach.

These are mild tasting, therefore, can be had with pretty much anything. Chickpeas are a great source of fibre as well, making them a great addition to your diet.

These are also a great source of fibre, making them easily digestible.

chickpeas for muscle mass

Lean Beef- Meaty Solution For Body Mass

Lean beef is an old favourite with fitness junkies. It contains Vitamin-B, making it a healthy meat option. Several people are reluctant to include red meat in their diet owing to the body’s inability to digest it easily, and its connection to high cholesterol levels and heart risk.

Lean beef is a healthier alternative, providing nutrition and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Lentils-Tasty Surprise

Further restoring your faith in the power of vegan diets are lentils. Lentils are easy to digest, are mild tasting and can be combined with pretty much anything. Lentils provide high protein value, without causing indigestion or heartburn.

They are a good source of carbohydrates, helping you revitalize when you feel drained out and taking your fitness routine to the next level.

They come in several varieties, each kind having its distinctive health value. You can combine include in various combinations so that your diet does not get monotonous at any point.

groups-of-lentils foods for muscle mass

Plain Greek Yoghurt- Tangy Dessert

Fermented milk products, in general, are known to be rich in protein, and Greek yoghurt is no exception. They contain probiotics, which promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your system.

They are a great way to detoxify your system, and also serve as a palette cleanser. Flavoured Greek yoghurts are best avoided, as they contain high amounts of sugar and food colouring.

But plain yoghurt is a healthy addition to your diet, as it helps you remain fit.


Tuna-Fish Lovers’ Soul

Tuna fish is a rich protein source and contain other helpful nutrients as well. What makes this a great option is that it is easily available, can be purchased even by those on a budget, and is healthy.

It is best to avoid canned tuna as it may not be fresh, and the addition of preservatives may compromise on the nutrition value of the fish. Fresh tuna is recommended by several as a nutritious and healthy food element.

tuna for muscle mass

Seafood- Tastes So Good

Some instances of this are scallops, salmon, among others. Seafood is known to have high calorific value, making them a healthy diet plan. They contain rich sources of protein, which can be easily incorporated into your diet.

What one must, however, refrain from, is consuming these in roasted forms, as that turns out to be counterproductive. Eat them boiled or in salad form and watch the effect shows on your body.

Cottage Cheese- Cheesy Affair

Organic cottage cheese is one of the best sources of protein available. It helps build lean muscle, thereby also helping in agility. It contains casein protein, which is the slowest digesting protein known.

What this means is that cottage cheese one eaten, can sustain your body for long hours. If you have consumed cottage cheese, you can go for hours without eating anything else as your natural metabolic processes are helping the cottage cheese provide your system with nutrition for a prolonged period.


There are several other sources of protein available as well. Whey protein is known to be healthy and is consumed by several fitness enthusiasts.

Physician prescribed supplements are also beneficial in many cases, but these are not over the counter drugs and must be used only under medical supervision.

There are several over the counter protein supplements as well which are known to have mild, but positive effects on the body. What is crucial to remember is that no good thing, in excess, can ever be helpful.

It is important to strike a balance and lead a healthy lifestyle to achieve the results you desire.

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