10 Reasons to Eat Sprouts

10 Reasons to Eat Sprouts

Sprouts come out from pulses, and there are several sprouts benefits. These are filled with nutrients and have a lot of enzymes stacked up, and hence sprouts benefits for health are numerous. It works metabolically well in the body. If you have not yet added sprouts to your diet, here are 10 reasons which will convince you to do so.

Reasons to eat sprouts

Here’s a comprehensive list of the 10 reasons why you should incorporate sprouts into your daily diet.

Sprouts are packed with enzymes

Nutritionists say that a number of bean sprouts nutrition and other sprouts are high because they have 100 times more enzymes than raw vegetables or fruits. Proteins are the building blocks of our body and enzymes are those types of proteins which facilitate better body functions. Thus eating sprouts will ensure that you have essential nutrition in your body.


Great option for vegetarians

Sprouts are a good supplement of protein. So people who do not eat any form of the animal protein can have sprouts as it is a great supplement for any animal products. Whenever we talk of protein containing foods the first thing that strikes our mind is meat, chicken, fish, egg and dairy products. Sprouts can be taken instead of animal products because it contains high amounts of protein which in turn will help you in having more vitamin, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. This reason is useful vegans and vegetarians.


Sprouts have very high fiber content

Sprouts contain a lot of fiber that is great for the regular working of your intestines. Did you know that the fiber content and quality improves when the beans, nuts, seeds or grains are sprouted? It is the soaking process that improves the nutritional value. For example, the enzyme lysine increases enormously during sprouting which is essential for preventing cold sores and to maintain a healthy immune system. This is very good for your intestines as well.

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Sprouts help in weight loss

These can be used for a healthy lunch and double up as a healthy snack option too. It happens because sprouts are low in calories. So you can have your fill without having to worry about putting on weight and hampering your weight loss program. Thus, by incorporating sprouts into your daily diet, you can lose weight yet not go on an empty stomach during any time of the day.


Sprouting helps to make the seeds more digestible

Sprouting can be equaled to minerals binding to a protein in the seed, grain, nut or bean, making them more digestible and beneficial in the body. This helps in improving and maintaining digestion. Thus, it can be recommended for younger kids, elderly people and also for people with digestive or bloating problems.


Sprouts contain a high amount of oxygen that can be absorbed by the blood

For extra information sprouts also contain a high amount of oxygen. The regular usage and consumption of raw biogenic foods with their abundant oxygen content are extremely valuable to your health. The biogenic foods are also great sources of important fatty acids which play a major role in improving the immune system defenses. Western diets generally lack these so it can be equally useful for western and oriental countries.

Easy to grow sprouts on your own at home

Sprouts are such foods that can be locally grown food even in your backyard or windowsill. You are helping the environment when you are growing the sprouts yourself. You are also ensuring that you are not getting unwanted pesticides, food additives and other harmful fat adding chemicals. These chemicals have a negative impact on your diet by thwarting your efforts to lose weight.


Sprouts can provide good amount of energy

People are so busy these days, multitasking all the time. For this, you need sufficient amount of energy and the energy contained in the seed, grain, nut or legume is ignited through the simple processes of soaking and sprouting. This should give all the workaholics a perfect reason to include sprouts in their diet.

One of the best edible alkalizing agent

Many do not know this fact but, sprouts are really alkalizing to your body. Several diseases and disorders such as cancer have been linked to the presence of high levels of acid in the body. A lack of oxygen promotes the growth of cancer causing cells in the body. Thankfully these cells and some other viruses and bacteria cannot live in an environment which is rich in alkaline and oxygen content. For example, sprouts of broccoli are especially used for preventing diseases like gastritis, ulcers, stomach cancer, some allergies and also asthma.


One of the most inexpensive food available to all

With this you have arrived at the last and an essential reason to eat sprouts. Let’s be honest; sprouts  are inexpensive. As most people do, here you cannot use the cost of healthy foods as an excuse for not eating healthy. Because sprouts are so cheap, there is really no excuse at all for not eating healthier options.

Sprouts pack in a great amount of protein and other nutrients as they come quite early in the life cycle of a plant. So it is the time you include these in your salads, sandwiches, wraps and other healthy dishes for a healthier and disease free life while being environment-friendly. They can be had on their own as well. By incorporating some sprouts in your breakfast, you can be sure that you stay full for a long time and feel energized at the same time. Sprouts are definitely one of the most wonderful food around. The different benefits of sprouts make it a wonder food that should be incorporated into your daily meals in order to have a safe and healthy lifestyle.

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