Bad Habits and Best Ways to Quit Them

Bad Habits and Best Ways to Quit Them

Do you think that it is too late to revert back to a normal and happy life shedding all your bad habits that you have developed lately? Know it in your heart that it is never too late. You can always start from the beginning if all your past endeavors to quit those bad habits failed. Good habits and bad habits are only the results of your lifestyle; how you like your life to be led. Here is a bad habits list given and the measures to be taken to quit them are also discussed. Have a look at these.

Nose or mouth picking

This is an utmost bad habit as it is against the social etiquettes. You don’t look good if you dress up gently and start digging your nose in the gathering; do you? Moreover, this habit also can cause serious health issues if you don’t take up measures to stop it right now. It spread diseases like flu and cold. You are using the damn finger in the nose that you have used to touch so many things that contain germs. Don’t you feel it is a nasty habit, and you should immediately put it down? Same thing applies when you try to pull food particles from your mouth. Don’t do it, it can lead to with no option other than seeing the doctor.

Bad Habits and Best Ways to Quit Them

Measures to quit:

If you think that something is stuck in your mouth, brush your teeth instead of pricking it with sharp tools. As for the digging of the nose if you feel that your nose has become heavy and has mucus in it, before going to bed take a tissue paper and clean it. But stop this habit of constantly digging your nose the whole day.

Biting nails

Some people have this habit of biting nails when under stress or tension. It causes all the germs in the nails to reach out in your body causing serious health hazards.

Bad Habits

Measures to quit:

Wear gloves if you can restrain yourself from biting your nails when under stress. Or even better don’t let your nails grow so long that you can bite them. Whenever you find your nails becoming a little longer, trim or cut it.


Smoking is perhaps the worst habit of all. It takes a toll on your life and can even drive you in debts. It causes serious health hazard like heart malfunctioning, throat cancer and can make almost all the body organs dysfunctional. Quitting this worst habit will let you live a happier life full of energy. You will get a younger looking skill, and your lungs will get to take in the fresh air.

smoking-Bad Habits

Measures to quit:

Though you cannot quit smoking overnight and it is also not advisable to stop smoking randomly. Instead, ask your doctor for alternatives such as an anti-smoking drug. Bupropion and Varenicline can help you quit smoking gradually. Get support from your friends and family. Whenever you feel the urge to smoking, you may try to divert your mind into something different. Either call a friend or talk about something interesting or read a book etc. You can chew a nicotine gum when you feel the strong urge to smoke. Slowly this gum will make you used to a life void of cigarettes.

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You spend the whole night awake

Now this habit is in the bad habits list of students. They spend the whole night studying a week before the exams. Now this is really not necessary if you pay a little more attention and complete your courses well in advance. Staying up awake the whole night destroys your natural immune and can cause serious mental illnesses.

man in bed with eyes opened suffering insomnia sleep disorder

Measures to quit

Go to bed in proper time and wake up early in the morning if you really want to study. Get an adequate sleep of at least 6 to 7 hours a night.

Not able to live without headphones

Nowadays youngsters are always wearing headphones wherever they go; be it on a crowded bus or while going somewhere for lunch, a headphone is always there in their ears. If you love music so much, fine, but there is a limit to everything. Plugging in the headphones the whole day at the top of the volume cannot increase your passion for music.

Not able to live without headphones

Measures to quit:

Do not take headphones with you when you are going out. Enjoy the nature or look outside the window, know the world around when you are on a bus or train. You don’t actually need to turn a deaf ear of what is happening around and listen to music. You can do that when you are at home.

Go to sleep with makeup on

Some girls have this habit of going to bed without cleaning the makeup. Now this habit can have a dreadful impact on your skin. The makeup clogs the pores in your skin and causes serious skin irritation. The natural glow of your skin is lost.

face-make-up- bad habit

Measures to quit:

Clear your face first. If you feel lethargic, make a stern decision not to wear makeup at all.

Watching T.V for a very long time

Watching T.V just for entertainment purposes is ok. But when it becomes a habit to vent out your frustration then it is an addiction. Sit in front of the T.V when you have some specific soaps or programs to watch. Don’t just sit in front of the T.V just for surfing the channels and thinking of something else and munching on high-calorie foods. This will restrain the physical activities and land you in the doctor’s chamber.

man-watching-tv- bad habit

Measures to Quit:

Look for something more interesting rather than spending the whole day in front of this idiot box. Either read books or do some cooking etc. Don’t eat while sitting in front of the television. It makes you more glued to the television, and you become unaware of what you are eating.

Good and bad habits go simultaneously in a person’s life. You should always aim to shun all the bad habits and embrace the good habits to lead a better life.

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