Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms – Diabetes Warning Signs

Diabetes has become a common disease among people of all age and gender. There are 2 types of diabetes. The first is Type 1 diabetes, and the other is Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes basically affects the pancreases. Insulin is created in the pancreas, so diabetes patients do not have adequate insulin formation in their bodies. They need to take insulin supplements in order to curb the effects of diabetes.

Diabetes has many negative effects on the human body and thus should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common diseases these days. It affects men, woman, and even children. The symptoms of this are very mild, so it is difficult to understand when a person gets it. But it needs to be detected fast so that not much damage is done. Late detection of type 2 diabetes can lead to a lot of problems. Type 2 diabetes symptoms can be classified among the different genders and in children.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms in men

Though the symptoms are quite mild yet, they can be understandable. Some of the type 2 diabetes symptoms in men can be termed as mentioned below:

  • A person’s thirst generally increase a lot. He needs to drink more water than general. He feels thirsty all the time.
  • He generally feels hungry even after eating a heavy meal. Hunger increases by multiple folds.
  • There is a constant dry sensation in the mouth. Irrespective of the amount of water and liquid consumed the mouth always feels dry.
  • There is a chance of urine infection. The rate of urination also increases.
  • There is a change of a great amount of weight loss. Even though the individual will have a normal lifestyle with a lot of food, he loses weight very easily without any extra physical activity.
  • He constantly feels  weak and fatigued. A little bit of work can make you feel extremely weak.
  • The vision gets affected. It generally becomes blurry.
  • There is a chance of high level of headaches. There is constant throbbing of the temple and the head. No amount of painkillers seem to give any relief.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms in females

The type 2 diabetes symptoms in women are just like those in men. Except women are more prone to the urinary tract infections. It is very hard to deal with them, and it sometimes elevates to a level where a heavy dose of antibiotics is required to deal with it. Women also face problems with their menstrual cycles. Many a time the cycle does not happen regularly and also there is heavier bleeding than normal. They tend to get very tired and need more naps than in general. They become easily irritable and have constant pain in parts of their body. All the other symptoms which are visible in men are also visible in women as well as the headaches and blurry vision.

Type 2 diabetes symptoms in children

Children have similar symptoms like adults. But the most common symptoms among children that is very noticeable is that they get a lot of sores. These sores take a lot of time to heal and go away. They also have allergic reactions to a lot of things, and the allergies are a constant problem. Children who are prediabetic develop a very thin body. Their growth, when compared to other kids, are quite slow. They are generally shorter in height than other kids. The children generally need longer naps and are not active. They prefer to sit and play rather than run around with other kids. They feel sleepy even after a long night of sleep.

These are some of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. It is best to visit a doctor and get tests done if you feel that any or most of the symptoms apply to you. It is best to get treated for this at an early stage as the later the diagnosis the more complicated will be the symptoms. The symptoms are not too strong but can be detected if properly followed. This above list of symptoms can serve as a guide for you in case you think you or any of your loved might be having type 2 diabetes.

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