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Want To Win Your Battle With The Bulge? Chitosan Provides An Effective Solution

Chitosan help you to lose fatAre you tired of searching for natural remedies that can help you lose fat in a steadfast and proper manner, yet lessen your cholesterol and body weight? Chitosan is one such dietary supplement which is sourced from the most unlikely component that you can think of when you talk of weight loss. Hundreds of dieters across the globe swear by this. It is derived from Chitin- a sugar like a biopolymer, which is obtained from the exoskeleton of many types of shellfish like prawn, crab and lobster. Chitosan is the supplement which is commercially available and is used not only for slimming and weight loss, but also to treat high cholesterol, Crohn’s disease and even loss of appetite.

The Mechanism behind weight loss

Weight LossChitosan is known to be one of the safest, effectual and hygienic natural weight loss agents which has no side effects. When you take it as a fibre supplement, you should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day.The way in which this works is actually simple. Chitosan cannot be digested by the human body and just like plant fibre, it sticks to the fat particles in food and do not allow them to be absorbed by the body. Instead, it binds them together and make sure that they are excreted as faeces through the bowel. As a result, you absorb less fat; your calorie count also diminishes, thus helping you to lose weight.

Controls blood pressure by reducing cholesterol

Controls blood pressure by reducing cholesterolResearch has found out that Chitosan has convincing cholesterol lowering properties. The use of conventional medicines to decrease cholesterol level in blood over a long time can lead to many potential side effects like hair loss, chest pain, acidity, lack of sleep and itchiness. However, Chitosan is a natural supplement that is much milder and do not have any side effects on the patient. Although it is not medically prescribed by doctors and takes a long time to give the desired effect in lowering cholesterol; but continuous usage over a long tenure can surely make one cut down on the conventional medication and have almost negligible side effects like mild stomach pain and nausea.

Decreases blood sugar level by increasing the efficacy of insulin

Decreases blood sugar levelRecent research has showed that Chitosan helps to lower blood sugar level considerably by controlling obesity. Other studies have also found that Chitosan balances the activity of insulin-producing cells and, therefore, make it work in a much better way to reduce blood sugar.

Help to treat gum problems and cavities

Help to treat gum problems and cavitiesChitosan capsules can be used to treat gum bleeding, swelling of gums that might lead to tooth loss (Periodontitis) or even tooth decay. In fact, chewing gums containing Chitosan can substantially help to prevent cavities in the teeth.

Restores torn or degenerated soft tissues and skin

Chitosan contains a chemical structure which is alike a popular natural treatment for arthritis, namely Glucosamine. This heals joints and ligament tear in the body naturally and tries to increase mobility after any injury or bone damage. Similarly, Chitosan also prevents blemish and formation of scars by improving mobility of joints where the tissues do not overlap after any fracture or another injury.

Other benefits

Chitosan helps to treat bone fractures due to its binding properties. It arrests the proliferation of bacteria in the body, thereby boosting immunity and also destroys the bacteria which can lead to food poisoning. It has in numerous healing properties and is among the few natural supplements which are very safe with minimum to no side effects. Chitosan is also a harmless and effective antacid. Most importantly, the level of toxicity in Chitosan is almost non-existent; therefore it is absolutely safe for consumption on a daily basis.Chitosan is very helpful for treating burn wounds. It helps blood to coagulate and can be made into strong, resilient, water absorbing films which can be applied directly on the wounds in the form of an ointment containing Chitosan Acetate. As it allows penetration of oxygen, the wound heals faster and need not be removed forcefully which generally cause the maximum skin injury or scar tissues in case of burns.Chitosan can also assist in dressing of injuries and lesions because it prevents the formation of fibroblasts ( scar forming substance) and helps in healing faster. It can be used as a food preservative as well because it prohibits the growth of harmful yeast and other bacteria. Clinical research has also shown that Chitosan helps the body to absorb calcium more easily, which is a very important agent in preventing osteoporosis or degeneration of bones with age.

Point to ponder upon

Although Chitosan seems to be like a miraculous supplement which has only beneficial properties, none of the claims has been medically certified or scientifically proven so far. There are no obvious health dangers associated with Chitosan, but as it is sourced from shellfish and crabs, people who are allergic to seafood should not take this. Also, pregnant ladies and infants should not include this in their daily diet.It is a common tendency amongst the patients who consume Chitosan to lose more weight, rather than achieving the desirable weight, which also brings in a host of health problems, like fatigue, deficiency in energy, etc. This is mainly because; Chitosan tends to bind the fats, causing a deficiency in Vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are known to be soluble in fat. As a result, the patients must consume these vitamins additionally, alongside Chitosan capsules to fulfil the gap in these nutrients and staying healthy by providing the body with a dose of these vitamins as well.

Overall, a definite good health enhancer

Inlife ChitosanChitosan is undoubtedly an amazing substance which may not be prescribed by doctors, but definitely has many remarkable health benefits. Medical studies and research for its potential health uses are going on, and the fact that it is biodegradable and biocompatible make it even more beneficial for us.Taken over a long time, it definitely aids weight loss, clears the skin and make scars disappear, relieves a person of chronic stomach problems like flatulence, acidity, abdominal pain etc. It helps to lower cholesterol and even cuts down blood sugar, which make it one of the most desired dietary fibre available in the market. It has been also found that Chitosan can produce the most desired effects of weight loss and reducing cholesterol in blood if taken consistently over a period of twelve weeks or more. But remember to follow a healthy diet, a sound lifestyle and exercise along with it every day.

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