Will You Undergo A Surgery? Take Preparations Beforehand!


Undergoing surgery can really be an entirely frightening experience which brings forth multiple questions, uncertainties, nervousness, and doubts. However, most number of surgeries is usually elective which means that you may decide whether surgery is actually the best and only option for you. To avoid surgeries you can also opt for some other procedures like taking medicines, exercising etc. to get rid of your physical trouble.

Preoperative Assessments: The Most Important Step

Preoperative preparation

Right before the surgery almost all hospitals ask the patients to undergo a preoperative assessment session which is the most significant part of preoperative preparation. This can either be an appointment with the surgeon or with a nurse and it can also be an assessment through telephone or emails. All necessary information like your medical history, family conditions, present health situations etc. will be thoroughly enquired and judged. Sometimes the assessment includes crucial medical tests such as blood test, blood pressure and temperature check, MRSA screening etc. Usually these assessments take place one day before the main surgery and do make sure that you know everything about the previous tests’ results, and the vitamins, medications, supplements you intake. At this time ask your doctor or nurse

  • Whether you need to cease drinking as well as eating before the surgery,if yes how many hours before ?
  • What all need to be carried with you to the hospital ?
  • Do you need to stop taking your regular medicine,If yes how many days before surgery ?
  • How many days you will have to spend at the hospital due to the operation?

Travel Arrangements You Need to Make

Once you take up the decision of an operation, you must make travel arrangements to reach the hospital and to come back home. If you own a car and you are the usual driver of it you may drive the car when you are going to be admitted in the hospital. But do not take up the risk of driving it while returning home since you may really feel unwell. So it is recommended to ask for a favor of any of your friends or relatives to help you reach home. You can also arrange transports of comfortable kind. In some cases the nursing home may arrange car or ambulance to drop you home safely. Some hospitals do charge for parking so it is better to ask the hospital attendants for such information.

What to Pack for Nursing Home?

Prepare for surgery

When you prepare for surgery you need to make a list of things you must carry with you to the nursing home. The list must include:

  • Pyjamas or nightdress
  • Reading glasses or contact lenses
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Address book and important contact numbers
  • Slippers
  • Clean underwear
  • Sanitary napkins or tampons
  • Hand towel and bathing towel
  • Some cash
  • Medicines you consume
  • Toiletries such as soaps, toothpaste, toothbrush, hand washing gel, deodorants, shampoo etc.

If you hospital allows you to carry electronic components like MP3 players, laptops, mobile phones etc. you can also take them along to get rid of boredom.

Prepare Yourself Emotionally

How to prepare for brain surgery

Fear and anxiety are both quite normal when it comes to experience a planned surgery. This appears most when we undergo major operations like heart surgery, brain operation, etc. If you ask how to prepare for brain surgery the most important thing you must focus on is to strengthen yourself emotionally and win all your nervousness and fear. Talk to all important people in your life even over the phone the day before the operation and feel happy and relaxed.Make yourself fully aware of the medical procedures and reduce the amount of stress affecting you. Relaxation exercises can relief your fear and keep you mentally calm. Meditations, deep breathings, and thinking positive definitely help in gaining better outcomes after surgery. The patient’s family members should give you assurance that you will be fine soon.

Physical Preparation Is Also Mandatory

Staying physically fit and well is absolutely mandatory for timely recovery after a successful operation. To prepare for surgery you must follow a few vital steps to keep yourself well physically and those are:

  • Avoid alcohol completely. If you do illegal drugs, shun that immediately.
  • If you are a smoker, better quit smoking and help the surgeon in bringing you utmost success with the surgery.
  • A well balance diet is very much needed to stay fit. Add fresh fruits, vegetables, lots of water and food grains to your daily diet. Vitamins, herbal supplements etc. should also be added to your diet.
  • Ask your doctor if you can perform regular workout routine. If he gives a positive reply do exercise on regular basis.
  • You should also ask whether the medications you take on routine basis should also be taken or not.

What Should You Do on the Day of Surgery?

Remember you will be going to the hospital and nowhere else and keep everything at the level of minimum. Remove your nail paints and do not wear any sort of make-up. The hospital will ask you to remove all your jewelries so it is better that you keep those removed at home. Do not carry other valuables like costly watches, credit cards etc. to the nursing home. Usually the patients are given ID bracelet which includes his or her name, the name of the health care provider and also the patient’s date of birth. Leave your home with optimism that you will be cured early and will come back home really soon. If your family members want to accompany you to the hospital do take them with you but do not allow too many people. All these things are segments of your preoperative preparation.

Final Words about Your Surgery

Surgery is a very common thing and all of us at some point of time have to go through this in the whole lifetime. Hence, do not at all be worried about it. The more you worry the more amounts of complications will be arising. Check your health care plans and make the family members aware of them. Give yourself enough scopes to relax right before the surgery by listening to soothing music, playing cards, watching comedy movies etc. Follow the simple tips mentioned above and ensure the best outcomes and the quickest recovery.

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