Uses and Benefits of Flaxseed oil capsules

Flaxseed oil has many benefits since ancient age, but little was known till sometime back. With so much of research being carried out, it has become easier for the common man to get a clear understanding of one’s health. And with so many health problems arising due to poor diet and lifestyles, people have understood the importance of good health.1

The flaxseed oil is extracted from the seeds of the flax plant. The oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids are not only beneficial but also required by our bodies for its healthy development. One can include omega fatty acids in their daily diet. However, it is not possible for many, especially the vegetarians and the vegans. The sources rich in fatty acids are usually fish, walnuts, flaxseeds, poultry and a few dairy products. Those following Mediterranean diet include a lot of healthy fats and so are able to keep their cholesterol levels good and do not need any supplements.

Studies have shown that flaxseed oil can be used to treat a variety of health problems.People are gradually realising the benefits of it. The seeds as well its oil is very beneficial in lowering cholesterol. Flaxseed oil, available in liquid and capsule form can be used in a variety of health problems. The oil is beneficial in treating Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Anxiety, vaginal infections, dryness of eyes, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart related problems. Flaxseed oil is also used as a laxative and for weight loss. The oil helps in prevention of cancer especially breast and prostate cancer. The oil can also be applied to the skin for any irritation or roughness.


This oil supplement is easily available in the market the oil capsule form is quite convenient  for those who are unable to consume the required fatty acids through their diet. Flaxseed oil  turns rancid if not stored properly. It easily gets destroyed when it comes in contact with heat,  light or oxygen. Therefore, it requires special packaging and storing conditions. The oil  from the seed is extracted through the traditional method of pressing fresh seeds. It is then  stored in dark containers and is processed at a very low temperature with minimum light  and oxygen. This makes us understand that one should buy this flaxseed oil supplement of  a reputed or trusted brand. Else one shall not be able to take the benefits of the oil  supplement.

It is also important to know how to consume flaxseed oil. One should keep a watch on how much omega fatty acid one is consuming through one’s diet and hence can understand to compensate the same through oil supplements. Also, try to understand what health problem the oil supplement needs to target i.e. your reason for taking the supplement should be clear.3

Just as it is with all medication and supplements, flaxseed oil too comes with its side effects. It is quite easy to just pop-in a capsule for one’s benefit, but one should be careful before prescribing it to children under 18 and to those women who are either pregnant or are breastfeeding. For adults, there is no recommended dose of this oil capsules. Flaxseed oil capsules have a high potential for reacting with other medications. Therefore, it is recommended that this dietary oil supplement be always taken under medical supervision.

We need to include a balanced combination of omega fatty acids in our daily diet. Flaxseed contains a lot of health components, but one should be careful while consuming the seeds, its oil or its capsule as a supplement. A proper recommendation from a medical practitioner can help one decide the dose and method of taking the supplement. This will help in deriving maximum benefits from the oil supplement.

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