Benefits of the Kiwi Fruit – Enjoy this Super Fruit Today!

kiwi fruit benefits

The Kiwifruit, also known as a super fruit, is a nutritional powerhouse of abundant essential vitamins and minerals. A kiwi fruit contains more amount of vitamin C than an orange. It also contains about 15% of your daily recommended dosage of dietary fiber.

kiwi fruit benefits

In addition to the fiber and vitamin C benefits, kiwi also delivers significant health benefits for a variety of serious health conditions, including digestive problems, blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders and macular degeneration.

Read further to grab some information about some kiwi fruit facts and how to enjoy this super fruit differently.

Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

1. Diabetic Friendly

A diabetic patient can take kiwifruit safely. It’s Glycemic Index (GI) of 48.5 does not raise blood sugar levels quickly. Owing to the low GI and high fiber content, the kiwi fruit benefits for weight loss too.

2. Improves Digestive Health

Kiwi is a good source of dietary fiber and actinidain enzyme which acts as a fuel to gut microflora, aiding in better digestive health.

3. Promotes Heart Health

Kiwi’s amazing composition of vitamin C and polyphenols and potassium has a vital role in protecting the blood vessels and heart, individually or as a team.

Having just a couple of kiwifruit a day reduces significantly the amount of triglycerides and lowers your risk for blood clots that in turn helps to prevent cardiovascular health.

According to a study, those who ate 2 to 3 kiwifruits per day had 18% lower risk of platelet aggregation (potential for blood clot formation) response and their triglyceride levels dropped by 15% compared to controls.

Research studies have proved that 50mg/ml of Kiwifruit extract has a total antioxidant activity of 96-98%, making it the super fruit for cardiovascular protection.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure

The high potassium content in the kiwi helps maintain electrolyte balance by counteracting the effects of sodium. This helps to lower the chances of developing high blood pressure which can occur due to high sodium intake.

5.  Prevents Age-related Macular Degeneration

Kiwifruit also contains a high content of vitamin E that can help fight age-related macular degeneration and other vision problems.

Kiwifruit is one of the best sources of an antioxidant known as lutein that helps prevent deterioration of eyesight with age. Hence, by consuming this super fruit regularly, you can improve your eye health and protect yourself from various eye disorders.

6. For Beautiful Skin

For a while now, we have been hearing of kiwi fruit benefits for skin. The vitamin C and vitamin E content of kiwifruit acts as powerful antioxidants and helps prevent skin damage caused by the sun, smoke and pollution, smooth wrinkles and may improve overall skin texture.

7. For Better Sleep

A study found that consumption of kiwifruit may improve sleep onset, efficiency and duration in adults with self-reported sleep disturbances.

How to Add More Kiwis into Your Diet?

Having understood the kiwi health benefits, you may be wondering about ways to add the kiwi fruit to your diet. Here are some easy tips to include more kiwis in your diet and get all of the kiwi fruit advantages.

1. Cut a ripe kiwi in half, eat each half of the fruit with a spoon, using the skin as its natural bowl.

how to eat a kiwi fruit

  1. Slice up the kiwi and decorate your morning cereal, green salads or lunch, yogurt for a lip smacking meal/snack.
  2. Make your own tropical fruit cocktail with kiwis, mango, pineapple and strawberries.
  3. Freeze slices of kiwi fruit and have them as a dessert or as a snack for a hot summer day.
  4. Make a yummy green smoothie or juice with kiwi, apple, pears and spinach to reap kiwi fruit juice benefits.

Kiwi fruit smoothy

Hope, now you are well-versed with the health benefits of kiwifruit.

How do you like to eat a kiwifruit? Share with me in the comments section below.

Also, do share this kiwi fruit benefits with your friends and family members and let them too enjoy this little super fruit.

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