Types Of Haircut To Match Your Personality

types of haircut


types of haircut


It has been famously quoted by Coco Chanel, a legendary fashion designer “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” 

How much do you agree with the above quote? Well I believe it has been rightly said that a haircut can make or kill a person’s personality. Your haircut and types of hairstyles has a strong impact in building your overall personality. A nice perfect haircut will take your personality to new heights. At the same time, a poor haircut will completely diminish your personality.

With new emerging trends every now and then where fashion has spread its wings far and wide; every individual wants to follow the latest fashion buzz in the town. Whether man or woman, old or young, you can see every one on their toes competing with each other to look their best. You definitely want to look a young pretty girl or a handsome dude all your life. To achieve the perfect look, you do lot of trials and errors from your clothing, to footwear, make up, accessories and most importantly your types of haircut and hair styling.

A good hair line which suits your personality and skin tone elevates your confidence levels and accentuates your look. Since your hair style plays a crucial role in your overall personality, elegance and appeal you carry, you must have experimented with lot of different styles of haircut throughout your life.

In general every woman plays with her hair a certain way; a sober ponytail for work, a fashionable appearance for the evening party, a neatly tied bun for a formal get-together etc. Well in this article you can learn about what the types of haircut or hairstyle to match your personality. So would you like to enhance your beauty? But, before moving onto that, let us first see…

Steps To Consider Before Having Haircut

1. Face Cut: Firstly, you need to look at your face cut. However, good or complicated may be the hair style, if it does not suit your face cut, then it’s of no use since it will spoil your look instead of enhancing it.

2. Healthy Hair: Secondly, you should take your hair texture and thickness into account because some hairstyles do look good only when you have thick locks. To maintain strong healthy hair you must eat a well balanced diet and nourish and take care of your hair well.

3. Time: This relates to how much time you can spend to style your hair every day, because shorter hair does not mean that it will take you less time to style. Layers, bangs and complex haircuts can take longer to style.

4. Versatility Of Hairstyle: You should look out for such kind of haircut in which you can style your tresses as per the mood. Because, some haircuts will limit you to a particular style, so you have to decide whether you like a constant one or would like to change it every day.

5. Photo: Instead of explaining the hair cut you desire to your hair stylist, it is best to show him/her the photograph or picture of what the kind of haircut you wish. Sometimes hair stylists may cut more hair than you require. So keep a check on it.

Types of Fades Haircuts To Suit Your Personality

1. Long and Flowing Hair

Types of haircut

Personalty type: This type of haircut looks best on a woman who is tall with a slim to medium sized body shape.

Enhances Personality: You look ultra-feminine, sexy and very pretty. It doesn’t really go well with a petite woman, since they get lost somewhere in long flowing hair. There are many other types of haircuts for long hair.


 2. Long and Straight Hair

Personalty type: Types of haircutThis type of haircut is best suited to a tall and youthful woman.

Doesn’t work for: A woman with long thin face shapes and for petite woman. Long, straight hair hides their shoulders, necks, collarbones and makes them look more petite. These layered haircut styles accentuates the features of a human face.

Enhances Personality: Sensual, flirty and playful.

3. Bob

Types of haircutPersonalty type: For this look, you’ll need a great set of eyes and a cute nose.

Doesn’t work on: Narrow face shapes, but can work well on rounder ones. It accentuates the jaw in woman with square jaw lines, so it’s better they stay away. There are many other types of short haircuts.

Enhances Personality: Power, elegance, strength, simplicity.


4. Bangs

Types of haircut

Personalty type: If you are cute, playful, youthful, sassy with a strong personality, then this haircut style is definitely for you. Fringes look best on foreheads that aren’t too short and it’s a good style for people to cover bigger foreheads. Long layers and natural waves look good on people with round faces. Long hairstyle cuts are very famous these days.

Doesn’t look good on: Women having square face or small face or small forehead. So friends these were some of the popular types of haircuts for girls. Make sure you choose a suitable haircut style and pose your right personality.

Remember to have a good haircut which you desire, you must have good healthy hair. If you are facing hair loss problems, then check out our next article essential nutrients for hair growth.

How your hair cut has changed your personality? Please share with us in the comments below for types of haircuts for women and men.

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