Benefits of Breast Feeding – Enhanced Brain Power

Breast milk

Breast milk

Breast feeding gives a special joy to every mom, it forms a bond with your lovely junior, and is necessary for the good health of your baby as well as you. According to the new researches, breastfeeding makes your junior smarter. Yes, that’s true. But I can’t promise you that breastfeeding will make your child a Nobel Prize winner, but research shows that babies who are breastfed are smarter when they get older. So, new moms boost your baby’s brain by feeding them with the below breast feeding tips.

Survey Indications

The researchers compared the baby’s intelligence, among the breastfed and formula fed. The result speaks that breastfed children have more I.Q than the one’s who are formula fed. Another advantage is that breastfeeding is also a simple and cost effective way.

Scientists, conducted a survey on a school, where the results implicate that children who were feeding breast milk scored higher grades in school than compared to who were not. New evidence suggests that certain nutrients in breast milk can enhance brain growth. So let us see what nutrients are present in breast milk that enhances the growth of brain of your baby.

What Nutrients in Breast Milk will improve Brain Power?

#1. DHA

Breast milk is fully loaded with a brain nutrient called as DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid. It’s a potent growth nutrient and utmost required for the development of brain tissues. Breast milk naturally contains high DHA than formula milk. DHA concentrations in breast milk range from 0.07% to greater than 1.0% of total fatty acids. Here’s a small twist to new moms, to get enough nutrients for your baby brain, mom should get enough DHA.

Where is DHA obtained?

Rich sources of DHA are fatty fish, salmon fish and tuna fish. Increased intake of DHA is more beneficial to mom. So, daily take four ounces of fish to keep degenerative disease at bit bay.

If you are a vegetarian or cant take fish, you can surely opt for DHA supplements.

#2. Cholesterol

Mother feeding breast milk contains cholesterol, which is not found in formula milk. This fat is good for growing baby’s brains.

#3. Myelin

Do you know about myelin? Myelin is a fatty sheath, which covers nerve fibers and act as an insulator between nerves and brain.

The reason, I’m telling this is, DHA, cholesterol, and other breast milk fats provide the correct substances for manufacturing myelin.

#4. Break the Sugars

Lactose is the major sugar component in breast milk; this sugar will break down in to two simple sugars called as glucose and galactose.

Galactose is the amazing nutrient for brain tissue development. Comparing to all other mammal milk, human milk contains more lactose. New research from Brown University has shown that breast milk boosts brain development in babies by up to 30 percent.

Babies who are exclusively breastfed for at least three months apparently can have extra growth in parts of their brain that control language, emotion, and understanding.

Mothers feeding milk to babies keeps their tummies healthy, protects against infections and helps in brain growth, also brings a lifelong bond between you and your super baby. Fenugreek capsules can successfully help you, in increasing your breast milk production.

After reading this, newbie moms, what will be your choice for smarter kids, Breast fed or Formula Fed? Share this information with your friends by simply clicking the below links..!!

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