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Healthy Lifestyle Facts – Being Alive and All Well!

Though not a new word is to be heard about lifestyle living, the buzz never faded away. Usually, when you hear healthy life, your mind is clouded with different ideas… exercise, eating healthy, no smoking, etc. or hard-core workouts, sacrifice food we love, not your cup of tea! Well, to me, it’s all about taking care of ourselves in a way that we enjoy our lives in the real sense.It’s no rocket science as it may seem to be. It is just the way you see it or the exaggeration involved with the issues related to health and healthy living as well as healthy food and lifestyle.Who wouldn’t love to be healthy and shine with that godlike glow? Everybody does and tries to create their version of healthy living that accounts for a good move! Why don’t you dig in further to find help to sort it out yourself!


What does a healthy living mean?

Healthy living is all about balanced living by making right choices for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. It’s just doing what you can to keep your body and mind in optimum frame.

Healthy lifestyle tips

Making sensible choices in your Diet

What you eat is what you are. Whatever diet you take, that affects you mentally and physically, especially your skin!Opt for a well balanced diet! Go generous with the fruits, veggies and whole grains to grab high on minerals and vitamins. Don’t forget to check on the nutritional facts on labels such as low-fat dairy products and lean meats. Choose grilled food over baked and fried when out.

Hit with the right amount of Physical Activity

Give your body that warm stretch for a better day and follow healthy habits. Daily for at least 15-30 minutes, practice any of your favorite workouts like yoga, aerobic, jogging, cycling…enjoy your interest. This will help you to focus throughout the day, keeps you energized, improves flexibility, gets that blood flow, and improves coordination and relaxation of your body.

Cope up well with Stress

Laughter is the best medicine, so giggle as much as you can, to fight off that stress hormone, cortisol. Alternatively you can figure out your stress busters like yoga (calms body and mind) singing, dancing, taking a walk and gardening, indulge in your favorite hobby, spending time with your dear ones. It could be anything that makes you feel at peace as part of the healthy lifestyle plan.Weight ManagementIt is very important to manage your weight for a healthy life. Keeping a check on your weight will help you ward off all the diseases associated with obesity or being very lean.This could be natural when you eat right and exercise but still I remind you, adopt regular eating habits. Remember, you should never skip your breakfast. You have to play smart to get the ball rolling once you have your oh-so ideal weight.Food and exercise are the major players for yours maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Adequate Rest

Never compromise on your sleeping hours. Maintain a proper schedule and sleep tightly. Get yourself comfortable for 8-hours of sleep!“Never eat late night heavy meals.” Insist on healthy lifestyle food.Remember, choices and action go hand-in-hand, the choices you opt each day, and the action you take on those, leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of Choosing a Healthy Routine

Hmm…. Now we are talking when you are doing so much to yourself, it definitely rewards you the best possible way.
  • Feel good factor: mental well-being, confidence, and self-worth.
  • Good looks are all yours! Outshine physical appearance.
  • Good health results in reduced threat of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, depression, weight control, lowering of blood cholesterol level.
  • Stav off the aging process.
Diet, proper sleep and exercise along with relaxation frame it to a perfect picture.

Why is it so Important?

When you adopt a healthy routine, it improves your quality of living and renders you a better you, to excel in every sphere of your life, be it health, career or personal front. Most importantly, gives you a better wholesome experience of life. Along with life expectancy what matters is how long you live without any serious illness.So what’s yours say??….

Leading A healthy lifestyle?

Come on! It’s never too early or too late to think about healthy living. It’s an investment in you.That’s awesome!!Woo…Hoo…Action time!The trick is making small changes…taking more steps, adding fruit to your cereal, taking stairs ditching elevators…these are just a few ways you can start living healthy without drastic changes.

Bear these in mind:

Don’t be in a rush, initially start slowly with one thing at a time, plan for a regular exercise or quit smoking.Start gradually with small changes so that your body adapts to it. For instance, if you schedule for daily exercise, see that you start simple by walking then jog, don’t try to force yourself into anything. Listen to your body first.It is important to keep the change interesting to get that ball rolling and become a part of your routine.It’s always fun doing things in the company of people with the same interest; it helps!!Social activity is also important for living along with healthy balanced diet.

How to keep up with the change?

Okay, now that you have set to cast the die… but at times it may happen so that you may lose your sink or chances of slip-off because you are tired, bored or depressed. Then what? Ugh chill! Motivate yourself and start again. Firstly, remind yourself why you are doing it. And secondly, pat yourself for the changes for a healthy you. I hope you are sorted!Well, my word is, making small changes each day leads to big returns. Try not to complicate things, eat healthily, exercise regularly, laugh out loud, be positive, have more friends and live life to the fullest.Share this useful information with your family and friends who are with the same interest, so that you will get a company in living a healthy life.

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