6 Mistakes That Can Damage Your Relationship

relationship tips

Relationships are beautiful, and yet very sensitive. True relations form an inspiration, strength and a great asset for a wonderful life. The couple needs to be involved with their body, mind and soul to enjoy an everlasting relationship. If any oversight, it might affect you and your relationship. Always bear in mind that NO ONE IS PERFECT IN THE WORLD. Don’t expect anything from anyone. Real relationships are not all about romance or candle light nights or living together; it’s more about respect, trust, compromise and care..!

relationship tips

In a Relation?

COMPROMISING doesn’t mean that you are wrong, and someone is right. It only means that you value your “RELATIONSHIP” much more than you’re “EGO” and want fixing a broken relationship.

Mistakes and fights are all a part of relationships. But do remember that accepting your mistake and apologizing may help you to some extent to save your relationship as well as repairing a relationship. But if this becomes a habit, regaining the same trust, care and love gets tougher. So, don’t give up on your relations due to silly reasons. If you’re doing the below blunders, please try to change for a happy, lovely life!

Points To Remember


My suggestion and relationship tips for a long lasting happy life are to be in control. Frequent act of losing control in your conversations or actions may irritate the partner and lessen the intensity of the romance between you two.

Mostly in a relation you should feel free to express all your feelings. Let your partner be the first preference to share your feelings, and this will help you to strengthen the relation between both of you.


Communication undoubtedly plays a key role between you two saying save my relationship.

In a relation, it is a must that you communicate with your partner freely to avoid any misunderstandings or tensions.

Talking to each other gives more happiness and boosts your relation. New relationship advice

End of the Day

No relationship is perfect, you may argue or fight, but never stop talking. Today if you face any problem better clear it today itself, don’t extend it to the next day and seek new relationship advice.

Settle all your arguments by the end of the day that is the crux of relationship tips and advice.

Beat the EGO

Leave EGO. Otherwise everyone will leave youEGO is the dangerous weapon that can kill your relationships. So, dominate your ego, not the one who says sorry to you. This is an important healthy relationship tip. Never try to dominate the one who apologizes to you for their mistakes; because they are the ones who feel that you are more important than their ego.

Hidden secrets

In a relationship including teen relationships, maintaining secrets is not a good idea! It can affect your relation. So, never keep secrets from your partner.

Maintaining a good rapport with each other doesn’t leave any space for secrets.

A true relationship forms when you can tell each other anything and everything. No secrets and no lies.


In today’s hectic lifestyle, most of the people are busy with their life’s and facing a common problem, “stress”. This not only hurts your health and also your relationship. So, manage your stress and time and maintain a good relationship with your loved ones for fixing your relationship

Whenever you face relationships problems, don’t bother, give a simple sweet smile that makes your spouse happy! These are the most common mistakes you do, knowingly or without! Try to avoid them.

Make a Mind that never Minds

Make a Heart that never Hurts

Make a Touch, which never Pains

Make a RELATION that never Ends

Share these valuable relationship tips to your beloved partners!!!

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