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15 Drinks That Help You Sleep Better At Night

Don’t you want to feel fresh when you wake up each morning and get ready for all the work that you have to do? For that, you need to have a sufficient and sound sleep at night. But did you know that the meal that you have before sleeping does affect the quality of your sleep? You probably know that having coffee at night is not very good for sleep. On the other hand, there are some drinks to help you sleep. So, today we will let you know about the drinks that you should start having to get a better night’s sleep.

Chamomile Tea


What we people have not done for days is relaxation. If we can be relaxed and calm at times, our body will function well. Our mind will also be in peace. Chamomile tea has been consumed by people since ages to feel relaxed. The flavonoid that is present in the tea is apigenin which has sedative effects. Yet not many types of research are done to use this for curing sleep disorders and drinks that help you sleep. It serves as medication also if you are having GAD or generalized anxiety disorder. Making this tea is not a very complex process. You add one teaspoon of this dried herb and some sugar/lemon to slightly boiled water and have the drink.

Almond Milk


Serotonin is one chemical that your body needs to initiate sleep. If your body has enough of tryptophan, then serotonin can be synthesized by Central Nervous System. Almond milk is very rich in tryptophan and has also got magnesium in abundance which drinks to help you sleep. Making almond milk is very easy. You need to soak the almonds in water overnight to make it a bit soft and fluffy. When it is done, add almonds and milk in the mixer. To get some flavor and sweetness, you can add sugar or dates (if you want it to be natural). You can also use cocoa powder if you want chocolate almond milk. Once it is blended well, filter out the milk and have it.

Peppermint tea


When you suffer from depression or you feel anxious about anything over a prolonged period of time, it can lead to insomnia. Eventually, you will have a headache at any time of the day and or have symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Peppermint tea helps to get rid of this. It keeps you stress-free and also clears your skin too.

Drink with carob tea


You love to have hot chocolate, don’t you? But, it isn’t healthy. But, for you people, we have brought an alternative. Have carob powder which has similar properties of chocolate with many benefits. You will find Vit-B in abundance in carob powder which is essential for maintaining the level of serotonin. It also helps to give a quality sleep by regulating the cycles of sleep and waking up again.

Chia Seed Drink.

Chia Seed Drink

Not only rich in tryptophan but chia seed also has omega-3 even more than salmon. It even has got a lot of calcium, potassium, and lot of protein. The tryptophan helps in getting sound sleep. Omega-3 is also believed to have the sleep-promoting ability, so you need to have this. To make Chia seed drink at home, because otherwise it is very costly, you need to get the seeds and some fruit juice which you love to have. Warm the water and add chia seeds to it to make them expand. After doing so, refrigerate them overnight to get a gel. Add them with the fruit juice to have the drink ready.

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Raw Honey

It helps in assisting tryptophan to do its work. If you have caught a cold and you are coughing then have honey at night. It stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood. Melatonin is very essential for nice sleep. Honey helps in boosting up the release of melatonin.

Tart Cherry Juice


It helps in increasing the level of melatonin which gives you a sound sleep for more amount of time. drinks to help sleep quickly, so you probably get more time to rest. More sleep means you be will more alert in the day.

Hot Milk


Milk has a lot of calcium in it which helps us to relax. The tryptophan in milk gets converted to serotonin hormone which makes us sleepy. You can go for the skimmed one, too if you don’t want to get fat. It has no sugar in it.

Hot chocolate

sipping-chocolateO, who doesn’t love it! In the hot milk pour some hot chocolate. The Cadbury’s hot chocolate is tasty but has a lot of sugar content in it. Cocoa powder has less sugar in it and adding it to milk will make it even tastier and make you fall asleep.

Hops tea

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It helps you to get some relief from stress. You feel calm, and your body relaxes. Your nerves also get some rest and thus it helps you to sleep better.

Cherry Juice

tart cherry juice

The more cherry juice you consume, the more hours you add to your sleep. It is because it has got melatonin in it which helps in promoting sleep.

Coconut Water


It is one of the healthiest drink one can have. In the daytime, it can give you energy and in the night, it can also help you to fall asleep. It is a rich source of magnesium, and it helps in rehydrating our body which makes us feel refreshed. So, have some coconut water each night.



It has malt in it and is very rich in magnesium. Normally people have it in breakfast but adding it some hot water or milk and having it as a drink gives us a better sleep. Magnesium always keeps us relaxed.

Banana Smoothie


Everyone is fond of this drink. It is very delicious. You need to mix half a banana with some almond butter. Make some almond milk too, beforehand and have it.

Green tea or Valerian Tea


Caffeine is not good for sleep so make sure it is decaffeinated. It has theanine in it which improves your sleep and keeps stress away. Valerian tea is used as sedative, and it reduces pain too.

Now that you have known what can improve your sleep have them to get a good night sleep and hence a fresh morning.

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