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10 Simple Yoga Poses for Increasing Your Height

Are you worried about your petite figure and aspire to get an attractive height? Have you tried all the available medications to grow tall but to no positive result?

Here in this article, we shall discuss some postures of yoga to increase height. Yoga asanas have been performed since ages by the saints and sages.

How do yoga asanas help?

  • It helps to accentuate your power of tolerance apart from other benefits.
  • Yoga asanas create suppleness in the spinal cord thereby making it upright and giving you the desired height.
  • It releases stress and anxieties thereby relaxing the muscles of your back and removing all the obstacles to
  • Follow the postures of yoga for increasing height and it will boost up your confidence level and personality.

Surya Namaskar

This is the first post of yoga to grow taller. It refers salutation to the Sun God involving 12 postures in one single set. It works on both your body and mind and helps you get a perfect shape.

First step- The first step is called Pranamasana which requires you to stand erect with both your feet together and your hands joined at your chest.

Second step- The second step is called Hastauttanasana which is making an arch at the back of your body with your hands joined together and inhaling while stretching your hands above your head.

Third step- The third posture is called Padahastasana that is done by bending your body forward while you exhale. Slowly try to touch the ground keeping your spines and knees straight.

Fourth step- The fourth posture is called Ashwa Sanchalanasana which requires you to fold your right leg gently first between your hands while you sit while inhaling. Keep your back straight.

Fifth step- The fifth posture is named Parvatasana, which involves keeping heels on the floor in a flat position and then gradually raising your buttocks and lowering your head.

Sixth step- The sixth position is termed as Ashtanganamaskara, which involves you to bring the chin and chest is a perfect line touching the floor. Your knee should have the support of the full upper body with your buttocks still raised.

Seventh step- The seventh position is called Bhujanganasana that requires you to keeping your spine in an arched position and the chest upward and forward. The eighth step is to repeat the Parvatasana while exhaling.

Ninth step- The ninth step is the repetition of the Ashwasanchalasana while inhaling.

Tenth step- The tenth step is the Pdahastasana while exhaling.

Eleventh step- The eleventh step is Hastauttasana while inhaling.

Last step- The final step is to end the yoga postures with Pranamasana.


This is the next posture of yoga to increase height. It involves sitting flat on the floor and crossing each of the shins of your legs under the opposite knees so that the shins form a perfect triangle with your thighs. Just sit in this posture for around 15 minutes and relax while breathing deeply.

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This is yet another simple posture of yoga for increasing height. Stand upright with your feet together and palms are facing the thighs. Now clasp both your hands with the fingers while stretching out your hands above your head and then facing the palms towards the roof. Now balance your body on your toes and stretch out to the maximum. This helps to clear out the congestion in the spinal area thereby removing all the growth hindrances.



This posture is a bit difficult for beginners and involves transforming the body into a full arch position so that it looks like a wheel as the name “chakra” means wheel in Sanskrit. This step involves curving the spine from the back so that your hands can touch the ground from the back.



This step as the name sounds involves assuming a triangular form in the body. Stretch one leg forward and touch the fingers with the opposite hand while bending forward but keeping your knees straight. Keep the other hand stretched in the upward direction.


Parivratta Trikonasana

This is just the reverse pose of Trikonasana and the body assumes the shape of an inverted triangle. Now start with the other leg opposite to what you started with the Trikonasana.



This is also called the “tree pose”. This pose involves folding one leg so that it touches the opposite sigh and balancing your body on the other leg. Keep your hands joined above your head as in Pranamasana. This posture relaxes your body and muscle and also helps in the tightening of the calves and shins.



This posture is also known as “Lying down Body twist”. This posture of the yoga involves lying on your back with your arms widely stretched. Then fold both the knees together and bend it one side and keep your head faced on the opposite side. Swing your knees alternatively on both the sides while keeping your arms stretched wide and head facing the opposite direction in which you keep your knees.


Adhomukhi Savasana

This is also called the “dog” pose that involves stretching out your hands and touching the ground with your knees straight and toes in line with the palms that touch the ground. It helps in the improvement of the blood circulation thereby making you taller.



This posture is called the “cat pose”, and involves bending your knees with your spines bend a little and head bowed. Touch the palms on the ground and make sure that your hands are in a perfect line with your knees. This posture stretches your cartilages and makes your spines flexible.

cat pose

All the above postures of yoga build up your body muscles and tone them up. It helps in the proper bone development that is very essential for proper growth. Try these postures of yoga to grow taller and get an attractive personality that you always dreamt of. Shun all the medications that may have side effects and cause complications in later life. Yoga postures are safe as long as you don’t feel any discomfort while performing the postures. Stop the postures for some time if you feel pain in your body and start over again after some time.

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