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10 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Tamarind

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Tamarind

The origin of tamarind tree is Africa but over the time, the tree has spread its root within various parts of Asia. The highest use of tamarind fruit is seen vastly in the regions of India. The fruit of this tree is used either in the raw form or even are thermally-treated. There are lots of benefits of tamarind, and the studies have shown that tamarind works as one of the best remedies for various ailments. The pulp of tamarind is used as an important ingredient in various recipes. It is also considered as one of the inevitable spices in various Thai cuisines.

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Uses of tamarind are wide ranging. Apart from using it in cooking, it is required mostly for its unique properties of healing. It is used as a form of natural medicine for a number of diseases. Tamarind has some really unique health benefits that cannot be ignored. If we go through some of the studies made on tamarind, we can see various incredible health benefits of eating tamarind. Tamarind is often required for preparing natural medicines in Ayurveda. The 10 most important health benefits of tamarind are as follows.

  1. Best for heart:
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The high percentage of potassium level contains in tamarind is the best medicine to reduce blood pressure level. Moreover, tamarind contains fiber which is helpful for controlling the cholesterol level within the human body. Tamarind benefits also include the work of antioxidants which can keep the free radicals within control. All these benefits together can make your heart really healthy. Hence, it is advisable to consume tamarind frequently so that you can free yourself from all sorts of common heart-related diseases.

  1. Treats diabetes:
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Tamarind nutrition is extremely helpful for the diabetic patients. Those who have diabetes can take the help of tamarind paste which is indeed excellent for controlling diabetes. Tamarind can be used with Jamun and other herbs in order to keep diabetes in check. This method of medicine is a traditional way to treat diabetes. Tamarind is indeed the best medicine for diabetes. This easy treatment of diabetes can really help you to keep yourself safe from other diabetic related issues and problems.

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  1. Bowel movements are improved:

It is seen that tamarind works best as a mild laxative which if taken regularly, in a small amount can really help in improving the bowel movement. Those who have serious problems related to constipation can try tamarind for better results. Mainly the pulp of tamarind which is obtained from the pods that are found in tamarind trees can be used as a laxative which can gently improve the movement of bowels. It is recommended that a spoon or two of the tamarind pulp is enough for treating constipation if taken regularly in the evening.

  1. Treats inflammation of the joints:
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Joint inflammation is one of the common problems for most of the aged people. Extracts from tamarind seeds help in protecting the various bones, joints as well as cartilages from the grasp of arthritis. No artificial medicine is as helpful as this natural medicine to cure the pain of arthritis. The inflammatory chemicals known as interleukin which are responsible for arthritis are being controlled by tamarind, thereby creating a protecting shield for the bones and cartilages.

  1. Infection-fighting ability:

Tamarind is well known for fighting various infections because of its vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants which can help to fight out various infections. It develops resistance power and resists various infections as well as controls the free radicals that develop cancer cells with the body.

  1. Boosts the Immune System:
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Tamarind nutrition is brilliant in boosting the immune system within our body. The anti-microbial effects along with the anti-oxidants of tamarind form a strong combination to resist various infections and ailments. Tamarind, if taken regularly can really prevent the microbial infections from attacking your body. Tamarind properties strengthen your immune system to fight other infections too. Even the various viral infections that are caused by weather changes can be prevented if you make it a habit of consuming tamarind daily.

  1. Purify the kidney:
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Tamarind works as one of the finest detoxifying agents. The cleansing properties of tamarind help in detoxifying the kidney. The percentage of potassium contains in tamarind is good enough to flush out the toxic elements that get deposited in the kidneys. Hence, to keep the kidneys in sound condition, one should have tamarind on a daily basis.

  1. Treats a sore throat:
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Benefits of Tamarind also include treatment of sore throats. A diluted paste of tamarind works wonders for sore throats. This is indeed the best natural home remedy for treating sore throat. When a person is suffering from a throat infection, it is best to gargle the diluted water of tamarind paste which should be kept at a lukewarm temperature, can cure the problem significantly.

  1. Overall eye health can be improved:
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Uses of tamarind are helpful for better vision and long-lasting eye health. It is seen that people who consume tamarind have good and regular vision without any spectacles. This is due to Vitamin A, which is present in tamarind. It supplies beta-carotene which is good for eye health. The essential vitamins of tamarind help in minimizing the risk related to macular degeneration and thereby ensured overall eye health permanently. Tamarind also cures problems of dry eyes.

  1. Treats hair-loss:
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Tamarind is best for treating hair-loss. Tamarind pulp liquid can be used on scalps for promoting hair growth.

Tamarind nutrition is far-fetched and apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, we can also use tamarind as the best natural antiseptic. Digestion and gastric problems can also be cured easily with tamarind. Moreover, there are various Ayurvedic medicines which contain tamarind extracts for treating different illnesses. If you really want to have a healthy body, then it is recommended to keep tamarind at home so that you can use it whenever required.  So next time, if you suffer some illness, you can depend on tamarind for an absolute cure.

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