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10 Home Remedies For Period Cramps

10 Home Remedies For Period Cramps
Menstrual cramps are not a disease and nor it is anything that can be removed for ever. Almost all the women face this issue and they feel shy to meet a doctor for the same. They try to accept them as a natural phenomenon and withstands the pain and the Period Cramps. 10 Home Remedies For Period Cramps There are some of the home remedies that you can practice in each month. If you are really looking for how to get rid of period cramps fast, then practice any one of the following guidelines or more than one among them. You will definitely get relief from the pain. There will be no need to take pain killers anymore.

Try Below Home Remedies For Period Cramps

Use hot water baghot water bag for menstrual cramps

Fill the hot water bag and keep that with you. Apply the same on the upper belly and lower abdomen. You will find a great relief from the pain. Every time you feel the pain, you will have to follow the same, in order to go relief. It acts as a natural and temporary pain killer.

Use Mint leaves

Use Mint leaves for menstrual cramps Make a paste of the peppermint leaves and have them regularly. This acts as a medication exceptionally for the Period Cramps. You will have to consume the paste every day, irrespective of the time of periods. This will help you get rid of the pains due to menstrual effectively. You can have them with tea or with any heath drinks.

Practice yoga

Practice yoga for menstrual cramps Menstrual cramps are caused due to the pull on the nerves. Yoga is the exercise that is meant to relax all the nerves and ease their functions. Hence, you can practice yoga on the regular basis to get rid of the pain during the time of periods.

Parsley paste

Parsley paste for menstrual cramps It is the vegetation that is having the best quality to fight with any nervous pains and breakdowns. You can consume the same during the time of periods. You can have them raw with your salad dish or can make a paste of it and have them with your health drinks. You will get an instant reaction after you have the leaves.

Ginger Juice

Ginger Juice for menstrual cramps

  Ginger pastes are available in packets. They are having many ingredients with it. So, do not apply that. Make a paste of them at your home, using a mixer and apply the juice in a hot water drinks or with a cup of tea. This acts very good for a cough and cold but works as a magic for period cramps.

Holy Basil

Holy Basil for menstrual cramps Basil leaves are used in most of the ayurvedic pain killers. It is highly effective to fight with any pains, especially the pains in the nerves. It can be consumed raw or you can make a paste of it and consume it with tea or health drinks. You will find a great result from the same during your time of menstrual.

Consume cinnamon

Consume cinnamon for menstrual cramps Cinnamon can be consumed raw for the best support of menstrual pains. You can also prepare a dust of it and can apply it with your tea or other drinks. It has the capacity to reduce period pains exceptionally. Inlife_Ad_336x280 (7)


One of the top reason of the irresistible pain during the time of thy periods is the decrease of vitamin level in the body. Hence, if the vitamin level of the body can be increased by some means, then the pain will be reduced. You can easily get relief from that, by consuming some fresh fruits or with some of the vitamin supplements.

Regular exercises

Regular exercises keep the water balance in the body accurate and also makes the antibodies and immune system of your body accurate. Hence, your body develops some inherent capacity to resist any sort of internal or external pains. In fact, it is the best medication to the period pains. You will have to maintain a frame of exercises on the regular basis to find the best result. For busy women, the best and easy exercise will be brisk wall exercise. It is simple and easy to be maintained within a busy schedule.

Provide minerals

Just like the excessive flow of blood during the periods results in a shortage of vitamin, the mineral shortage also results out of that. Hence proper mineral supplement is needed for the body. You can get the same through the help of vegetables or through the different supplements available for minerals. This will make you stronger and able to fight the pain in an energetic way. There are many other remedies for treating the pain you feel during the time of periods. There is nothing to hide and never feel shy for that. You can consult with a doctor if you feel that the pain you face is more than usual, but in all other cases, you can follow the remedies, stated above for the best results. All of them are there in your home, just know the best use of them. flaxseed-oil_728x90

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