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10 Health Benefits of Almonds

You must have heard of super foods and almond is just one of them. Eating almonds in a regulated amount on a regular basis can help you enjoy a number of health benefits. These benefits are not only limited to your physical health but also tend to provide much advancement to your brain. Though the almond contains quite a high level of fat content, it is often an element that makes way into your diet. Both doctors and instructors will ask you to involve a stipulated quantity of almond in your daily diet, for an all over healthier you.

Health Benefits of Almonds

10 Health benefits of almonds

There are a number of health benefits that you can be on the receiving end of, with the intake of almonds on a regular basis. As mentioned above, these are one of the super foods and are a good addition to your diet. Here are a handful of benefits that you can enjoy by eating an almond:

  1. A high source of Nutrients

These nuts are very high in their nutrient value and can extend to you the advantages of not one, not two, but almost six different essential nutrients. Some of the many nutrients contained in the nut, include- Fibre, Protein, Fat, Vitamin E, Manganese and Magnesium. The nut also contains other nutrients such as copper, phosphorus and Vitamin B2.


  1. High in Antioxidants

Any ingredient that is high in antioxidants should be a part of your daily diet. The fact that the almond is not only high in antioxidants but also other very many things makes it a must. Too much oxidation in the cells can lead to their destruction and can produce more critical harms such as premature ageing, and most importantly cancer. The best way to collect massive amounts of antioxidants from almond is by consuming it with the skin.

  1. Controls Diabetes

Diabetes is often the after effect of high level of sugar in the blood of the bearer. The fact that almond contains magnesium makes it perfect for any diabetic patient. Along with many other diseases, magnesium can prove to be the perfect controlling factor for blood sugar. Also, almond contains very little carbs, but has a healthy supplement of fats; fibres and proteins make it a perfect choice for the diabetics and extend the perfect almond benefits.

  1. Lots and Lots of Vitamin E

The importance of Vitamin E in the human body is known to all. The Vitamin E contributes to protecting the cell membranes from coming across any kind of damage from the oxidants. It creates enough antioxidants in the body to fight the oxidising agents. Almond provides the body with a good amount of Vitamin E.

Almond benefits

  1. A good source of magnesium

The magnesium gathered from the consumption of the nut, helps in regulating high or low blood pressure.

  1. Controls LDL Cholesterol

There are basically two kinds of cholesterol, one being the good one and the other being the bad one. The polyphenol antioxidants present in the almond’s skin help it fight bad/LDL cholesterol and also stop it from getting oxidised.

  1. Lowers Cholesterol

Amongst the number of health benefits of almonds, this one too is worth the mention. Apart from controlling LDL Cholesterol, regular consumption of almonds in a prescribed amount also lowers cholesterol level in the body.

  1. Lowers overall calorie intake

A few almonds a day helps in reducing the amount of hunger you feel. This way you are stopped from consuming extra calories, unnecessarily. Meanwhile, it supplies you with the necessary nutrients.

  1. Brilliant for hair and skin

The optimum level of beneficial fats and oil in the almond makes your skin shiny and supple and your hair strong and voluminous. A couple of almonds a day can accelerate the process of improving the health of both your hair and skin.


  1. Helps in losing weight

One of the major benefits of almonds includes crucial weight management. The fats and calories in the almonds are not easily digestible and this results in the non-absorption of the same in the body. Hence, teaming with the hunger controlling nature, the almond becomes the perfect food to help you with weight loss.

Now that you know all the health benefits of almonds brings to you so make sure that you take them as a part of your and your family’s daily food chart.


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