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10 Effective Methods on How to Improve Memory with Meditation and Yoga

Modern lives of people have turned more hectic than ever before, and people literally play the role of a juggler with the brain power in order to attend various avenues of life. If you have ever thought how to improve memory, the ideal solution lies in counting on meditation and yoga. The present day man has to play the role of a multi-tasking specialist, keeping several things at the back of the head and attending the respective ones at the right time. So, it is important to focus on the mental health of people and boost up the memory, so that the multi-tasking work can be done more efficiently.

Here are 10 effective methods that you will find helpful in improving the memory by performing yoga.

Knee to head pose:

Head to Knee

This posture is important to maintain the calmness of the mind. A sound mind is effective in improving the mental faculties and powers the thinking ability of people. The posture calms down the brain and spinal cord. This, in turn, does away with the irritability of the body and helps you to stay cool and composed. You will enjoy the relaxation of the body. Sit up straight and bend the right leg and bring the heel under the groin. Bend the knee at about 85 degrees. Keeping the left leg straight, you need to lock your arms. Now, put the arms overhead and stretch your arms. Bringing the right hip forward, you have to turn the pubis, chest and lower abdomen to your left. The breast bone will face the centre of your left leg. With the fold held at the right hip over the left leg, extend the arms over the left foot. Breathe five times at a stretch. Now relax and enjoy the composure.



This is simple to perform. Stand up in a straight position. Bend downwards and touch the feet with both your hands. Remain in this position for as much time as you can. Now, close your eyes and get back to the standing position. This will help you to maintain relaxation and peace of mind. This is one of the best ways when you count on the yoga postures, thinking how to increase memory power.

Shoulder stand:


This one removes nervous disorders and stress, boosting your memory. Relax in a lying position and place the shoulders away from your head. Now, draw the shoulder blades backwards, bend the knees and contract the abdominal muscles. Now inhale and bend the legs over the head. Then you need to straighten your body to a vertical position. Bring the chest close to your chin so that you can perform this exercise more freely.

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Fish pose:

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This pose increases the flow of blood to the thyroid, heart and lungs. The thyroid gland is kept in an optimal position and the pose controls the secretion of the gland. This, in turn, improves the memory. You need to lie on the ground and shift the entire weight of the body to the forearms and elbow. After inhaling, you have to arch your head back to the floor. The feet are straight on the ground. The head is close to the ground. The entire weight of the body will rest on the arms. After holding this position for a while, rest on the ground and feel the relaxation.



When you think how to increase memory power, perform this pose. You can stir up the body naturally when you perform this posture. You can contract and relax the muscles of your body while increasing the blood circulation. Tense both the feet one by one and pay attention to the muscles at the centre of your body. Isolate the buttocks and calves. Work out these with the upper parts of the body, including the jaws. This will release a lot of tension.

Skull shining:


First of all, exhale off all the air. Now inhale and create a concentration or air in the lower belly, till they push air out of your lungs.  Do not inhale yourself, keep it passive.  25 to 30 circles of this exercise will make it effective.

Alternate nose breathing:

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Sit in a cross-legged position. Using the right thumb, close the right nostril and exhale through the left one. Now, inhale through the left nostril and count four. Now, hold the breath for sixteen seconds and release the breath through the right nostril. Repeat the action with both the nostrils and feel the relaxation in your body. Repeat this three times.


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Sit on the floor and stretch the legs forward. Now, bend forward and stretch the hands by the sides of the body on the floor. Now, bend your body from the waist and stretch forward. You have to lean forward and touch the toes, and remain in this position for a few minutes.


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Sit down and stretch the legs in front of you. Hold the right knee with your hand and lift it, now place it on the left thigh. Do the same thing to the other knee and place it on the right thigh. Now, placing your hands on the knees, close your eyes and relax. Feel the weight evenly distributed in your body.


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This is one of the best ways to improve your memory when you think how to improve memory. You need to lie down on your back on the floor. Try to list the legs on the upward position. This may take a while. You may need to jerk the legs for quite some time. In order to get additional support, place the hands at the back and support the body. When the legs are upwards, make sure that they are in a perpendicular position the floor. However, you may feel uncomfortable for the first few days. Use a cushion or pillow

All these postures are essential to boost up the memory and increase the brain power.

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